Thursday, September 20, 2012

FIRE The Great Awakenings by Bill Bright & Jack Cavanaugh

The Great Awakening Series 1740 - 1741
FIRE, one of The Great Awakenings series, 1740 - 1741 by Bill Bright and Jack Cavanaugh is an excellent read. In the beginning I felt as though I were standing side by side fictional character Josiah Rush when he viewed  his hometown of Havenhill, Connecticut from a lofty granite perch. This story captures one man’s courageous journey when facing his devastated past. Josiah struggles are heart wrenching as he refuses to allow the stigma of human judgment to dictate his present and future. Criticisms and judgments had so completely hampered his past. I appreciate Josiah's humanness, his strength, struggles, and awkward embarrassing moments. This second book of The Great Awakenings series holds a special place on my book shelf. If you give it a try I'm sure it will hold a special place on yours also.

This Howard publication is a must read for adventurous souls not afraid of a richly written story line that taps into the very struggles of living a life attempting to emerge unfettered by criticism and judgments of past mistakes.




Saturday, September 1, 2012


I attended Green Lake Christian Writer’s Conference  in August. What an awesome experience! No matter if an individual loves to write poetry, articles, devotions, or novels, direction and encouragement and training is provided by writers of the same genre. Everyone seemed to enjoy the connections made with other s who love the experience of putting ink on pages!
I give a thumbs up to those who work so hard to provide this experience and instruction so entwined with encouragement. I was fortunate to have Cynthia Ruchti for an instructor. She leads the class with gentleness, encouragement, and skill as an editor though she is a published writer herself. I was thrilled to see the improvement that each writer in our class experienced because of her instruction and the gentle suggestions from the classmates. Throughout the week, memorable devotions, songs of worship, and humor in many forms were shared. If you have a desire to learn, write and seek publication then Green Lake Christian Writer’s Conference is for you! Hope to see you there next August.