Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hubby/ Trains/ Tranquility

My hubby and I’ve been shopping for train “stuff” this past weekend. Such items as greenery for foliage, buildings where trains off-load goods, an airbrush, and paint. I also purchased a package of non-painted people. These N –Scale people will be challenging to paint. I will defiantly make use of the magnifying glass and tailored points of paintbrushes in order to detail then with precision!

My hubby is developing various levels for the track to run. A boring flat scene with no distinction or variety of hills or mountains or valleys will not be in our design. He has much of the cork and track on the upper level placed and glued already. He will connect the wiring soon.  Once the electricity is connected it will be time to attend to the scenery. He has been reading about techniques and tips from train magazines and instructive short video clips on-line. This stage of our scenes construction will be time consuming. It will be fun to see our imaginary worlds develop and expand.

The airbrush is a wonderful tool. It has been literally decades since I’ve used one. Won’t it be interesting to see if I have lost my touch or not!  My husband has to look for a connecter for our airbrush and the air compressor we already own.  Then I suppose I will find out the answer to that question. In some ways it seems like this is pulling together quickly and in other ways it feels as though it is taking forever to assemble!! I’m proud of the efforts and attention my husband is giving toward this project.  Oh, to see our grandson’s eyes when they view the imaginary lands as the trains equipped with sound and smoke pull their weight up along the bends and gradual slopes from one level to the other. Hopefully, experiencing this miniature train world will help those viewing this display feel like they took a step back to quieter times almost making time stand still. We need to pause, take a breath, and be grateful for our blessings and spend quiet moments of restful repose. I think our train world could give us a taste of tranquil old time feelings!

Easter Victory Day

Good Easter Victory Day to all of you and here is wishing you a fabulous year filled with His presence and love!

To think of His blessings He poured down upon us by His unselfish act- He gave Himself for us. Only He could accomplish that. May you be blessed as He would want you to be. May you have great appreciation for His love and grace and favor in your life.

May you honor Him all the days of your life!

Mega blessings and joy!