Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yikes Vertigo - But God is good!

Well now what a way to start the day…. I woke up with vertigo!  I’ll just pop in to see the Dr. today. At least I hope to be able to get in to see my family physician. There is so much to do yet this week.  Becky and I will meet tomorrow to plan for the February Pens of Praise meeting. Then the Lakeshore Women’s Christian Retreat starts tomorrow night!  We expect great things for this retreat!  So many of us on the planning committee or speakers have struggled with colds, close calls, and a couple of us with vertigo. No matter, we keep praying and moving forward believing that many will be blessed and the Lord will be pleased to be the center of attention!!  He deserves that after all!
For now I’m keeping my head upright and not spinning, biding my time till I can see the Doctor.  She will share excellent advice with me I’m sure.  I have been working toward getting my manuscript preparations ready for the Genesis Contest for the American  Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) deadline in mid February. This is my first writers contest to submit to and I am excited!  There is such a variety of quality Christian fiction to choose to read no matter what genre.  I am truly grateful for the skill of  those that write. Once one sees the time, skill, and effort involved in creating a novel it heightens ones appreciation for all those involved in the writing/publishing process!  I will never take for granted a published work again!
My heart is grateful today for all those that have encouraged me or shown me how to move toward my goal of having excellent encouraging fiction published!  Have a great day and may God richly bless and keep you and yours!

Sunday, January 16, 2011



This is the 3rd Annual Christian Women's Retreat
250 W. Church Street
Mishicot, WI   54228
(920)755-2376 & (920)1-800-950-7615
When calling to make hotel resorvations mention LAKESHORE WOMEN'S CHRISITIAN RETREAT for special prices. Thursday night $39.00 Friday night $49:00 for 1 -3 people. 4th person $10:00 additional.
Meal package is #36:00 - Buffet Style including 2 breakfasts,1 lunch, 1 dinner Reserve meals by Jan 21st.

Retreat Registration $15.00 call Linda (920)323-6038 or Tracey (902)682-5656
He shall cover you with His feathers, under His wings you shall take refuge...Psalms 91:4

Speakers are Vicki Gumina of Trumpets Two Ministry, Mary Beth Neubauer of Women's Intercessory Prayer, and Laura DeWayne and her precious testomony.

Come expecting great things from the Lord! Come be blessed and bless your sisters in Christ and worship the Lord with gladness! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

EngineHouse Services in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Sorry all I have to discover how to turn my photo's but for now just tilt your head a little to the right. There you go!  Cal and I were shopping for some of his Christmas presents and I was able to talk a couple of our favorite EngineHouse Services salesmen to let me take a shot at them!  They are so very helpful and patient!  Thank you guys for all the time and advice you share so willingly!

Lake Michigan from Two Rivers, Wisconsin

I stood on the edge of the snow covered land and viewed such beauty. I had to capture it for you my blogger friends!  Moments like this make the chilly windy winters enjoyable!

Pens of Praise Christian Writers meeting is tomorrow!

I love our writers group.  We are a collection of  poets, memoir writers, newspaper writers, and aspiring novelists.  Our passion for our genres inspires each other in ways I would never have imagined!  Words placed on paper leave a legacy of our thoughts, dreams, and approval when we have distanced ourselves from this world.  Words of encouragement are powerful supports for our children and grandchildren and those we will never meet this side of glory. Wherever you are and whatever your passion is I hope that you chose to leave that lovely memory or wondrous encouragement with your loved ones.  Put the tip of your pen on the paper and let your lovely thoughts flood the pages -  as you have never done before.  Be brave and think of their future!

Wisconsin in Winter!

Our blizzard closed churches and the mall. The next day as I drove down the road armed with my camera I couldn't resist stopping in the middle of the street to take this lovely photo! In Wisconsin we tend to keep our snow once it snows. I rarely see a dreary landscape when I peek out my windows in the winter ! 
I took these photos on my way to church last week or the week before. Jack Frost was busy being creative and I didn't have the heart to scrap away his awsome design!  My camara did an ok job but what I saw was  intricate large snowflake shapes. I would have missed this if I had parked in the garage!