Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome Back to the School Year

I work for the school district and I must say they are accommodating!  I so appreciate that 
our school district entertains us for our welcome back. I would have shared these 
photos of Lincoln's stage and the Blues Brothers Theme earlier but
it has been so very busy! 

I'm grateful for so many things about my job. I work with an excellent teacher and 
the staff at Lincoln is supportive too. The students know that the GED 02 Program
is there last chance for a high school diploma, so many of them who would
have dropped out end up graduating instead. We have around at least 80% or more
success rate! 

It is wonderful to work with such great people and to have fun while we are revving up
to go back to school each year. It puts a good spin on the challenges and 
opportunities that the new year will present. 

I'm grateful for my job and those who surround me. I hope that you are also! 
Gratitude makes life sweeter....
wouldn't you agree? 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This summer event lasted for a week. We enjoyed skits, prayer walks, 
bible stories, songs and crafts! I was impressed by
the kids. They are talented and precious.
They also really enjoyed the interaction with 
grateful hearts! 

We lavished love on this friendly puppy for one day. And praised the Lord each day!
Have you ever heard about the Flipper Flapper? Well, this was my
first experience with learning and using it. I don't have it 
pictured here so no--you are not crazy or blind! :)

What a lively group and I'm so thankful for Patty B. and her help! All the 
helpers were so amazing! We needed each helper and
their special talents and smiles.

When it was all said and done...Jesus was there. He was there the whole time.
The Lord granted us great weather. In spite of the rain last week,
we didn't have the deluge during our events. Every time we 
had a need for a person, a craft item, water or batteries...
they were supplied. 

Also, physical healing and emotional encouragement took place.
All in His name... the name of Jesus!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Volunteering - What's So Good About It?

Volunteering ..could it be for you or me?

Do you have some extra time on your hands lately? Are you feeling lonely,
purposeless and adrift?

Let's think about volunteering for a moment.
 Their is a list of reasons scrolling across my mind that support finding that 'special 
something' you can do and that matches your very own interests. Considering the possibilities...
how would you feel about investing your time in the lives of children or elderly
in your community? How about historical places or the library? 

You have a special talent or interest that makes your heart sing. 
What would that be? Cooking, artwork or crafts?
How about writing, singing, music or maybe you have the gift of gab? Okay, that 
is enough know what interest you have pursued during
your day to day... or maybe it has been hidden away dormant 
and it waits to be expressed and developed. 

Volunteering isn't just for the other guy...I believe you will find fulfillment and your
interests and the skills that you enjoy will be beautified and
most importantly...shared with grateful hearts.

I challenge you this day to find someplace new..
a place that will encourage your
heart to sing a new tune!

Volunteer and strengthen and connect with your community!
And I dare you to tell me about it! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Car Show in Manitowoc!

I just love a good car show! I was told that these cars started in
Manitowoc and drove to Two Rivers for this event. When you consider the
time and expertise that went into fixing these beauties... 

When I was in high school my father bought me  a Grand Sport Convertible for $300.00.
 That car was like a Sherman Tank and could drive anywhere. I never had trouble
cruising on Pennsylvania roads in the winter...potholes and all!
Until I got a regular car -- the newer and improved version-- I didn't understand why
people spun off the side of the road or couldn't climb an icy hill.
Or drive down one without sliding...

But, I'd not want to pay for the gas that car would eat up these days. What a shame when
it was rear-ended and the back was crushed. This happened when I was parked
in a parking lot and it was the first dusting of snow.
But that is another story!
I really love older cars. The style and class and workmanship
they put into these modes of transportation is amazing!

If I could have my pick of all of these, it would be this green car!
I'm sorry I don't know what it's called...I just like it!
My son-in-law and Aria like this one!

But I think Aria and I would settle for this one!
Enjoy your family, make some memories and laugh a lot!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Green Bay's New Zoo

We enjoyed a wonderful time at Green Bay's New Zoo! The family shared laughter and
made some good memories too. Isn't that what it's all about!

This isn't a huge zoo, but we were entertained by every creature. The goats
really enjoyed the food Aria gave them! 

We'd never met a giraffe before so up-close and personal! How fun to feed them also. God has 
quite the sense of humor when He made such diverse creations!

I love the small pool areas they have here and there. Very calming! 
I didn't think my grandsons would enjoy the New Zoo as much as they 
did. If you're looking for something relaxing and fun for your family and friends to do-- visit your local zoo and feed a few residents! They won't mind you stopping in at all! 

Treasure family times together!

Monday, June 29, 2015

At the first inkling of spring I stopped at the Michigan lake shore to snap a few photos
that would encourage me as the days bounced from cold to slightly warm to 
cold to colder and colder yet!

Different groups of wonderful souls take time out of their lives to
add touches of beauty to our shores.

I applaud them!

I don't know them by name, but their 
handiwork is easy to admire. 

I will be adding more shots from the stunning shores of Lake Michigan 
and I hope you will find them as beautiful and inspiring as I do.
These are just the beginning!

Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, 
they see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. For He commands and
 raises the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea. Psalm 107:23 -  25

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Going For a Walk One Day!

We were making some memories and taking some exercise together recently. Porschea our perfect 
dog--though I love to call her a puppy--really enjoys interacting with children. Her size and exuberance with greeting sometimes causes children to want to back off. 

Recently we were at a public event with our granddaughter and family. She wanted to pet some
dogs that were there. They were so uninterested in being pet by a baby. 
That made me appreciate our Porschea all the more!
She is such a love...

Do you have a special pet or a memory of some extraordinary attention from an animal? 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Playing at "Leading Ladies" Play With Some Friends!

A wonderful lady friend of mine, Harriett, invited a bunch of our friends to a play called Leading Ladies with The Masquers! This event was held at the Capital Civic Center on 8th Street in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Wednesday, November 13. What a  chilly night it was and so like any other fall evening until it turned magical by the warm humor and companionship of friends.

Harriett had made reservations for us at the Courthouse Pub. This restaurant has a great reputation for providing terrific meals and a wonderful atmosphere!  We gathered around a huge table and chatted and enjoyed our dinners until it was time to walk over to the Civic Center.

Crowds gathered at the entrance and moved inside slowly. This place is so…old and classy and historic looking that it takes my breath away each time I come to an event here.

After we entered the auditorium we fussed over who was going to sit where and – where were those seats anyway! LOL! Once the lights dimmed and the  play began we found it was loaded with humor and the actors and actresses gave it their all.

At the close of the evening we all shared smiles and the “I’m so glad we got together – we need to do it again sometime!” comments. It's great to feel genuinely comfortable and safe with those you hang out with.  Are you taking time with your friends? And are you sharing a moment to be entertained by an event together or sipping coffee at a coffee shop or sitting  across from someone’s kitchen table?

We all need interaction, conversation, and hugs don't we? I hope you will meet with your cherished friends soon!  Don't let too much time slip by! Have any ideas?

Friday, November 28, 2014



I left early one morning and I drove past Lake Michigan on my way to pick up a student on 
our way to school. It was a beautiful morning, stunning really. Since I was early I stopped and took these photos. 

Somehow I knew that anyone who would stop in here to see these would appreciate them also. 
Oh the handiwork of the Lord! 

Thank you for stopping in... I hope these photos bring you encouragement
and make you grateful for the beauty and excellence that 
 can and is found on this beautiful earth.

Thank you for stopping by! I love to see you here! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kite Day at Neshotah Beach

My family and I stopped in at Neshotah Park's "Kite Day" at the beach. The crowds were relaxed and enjoying the many kites flying in the air as well as those flags decorating the beach.

Okay, I got creative need only to turn your head a little to see these glorious wind-catching kites showing off for young and old!

The circle kite above was spinning...quite a site to enjoy! It was a cool day and Lake Michigan was very chilly. We were shocked that there were so many braving the frigged waters.

Then there were the land lovers who were building or just enjoying the sand models!

Here is the front view of these marvelous kites! Some I was told cost as much as $7,000.00! 

Some of these large flags were just exceptional!

I am notorious for cutting off heads...well this sea serpent didn't have a chance with my camera in hand! At least the turtle survived this shot!

Aren't these gorgeous!

Will the real Nemo stand up!!!!

As you can see is was a beautiful day and these bright kites were amazing. I'm sure that many were bought at our very own local shop called Unique Flying Objects which has a wonderful variety of kites. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you have a unique, colorful and annual event! I would love to hear about it!