Saturday, June 27, 2015

Going For a Walk One Day!

We were making some memories and taking some exercise together recently. Porschea our perfect 
dog--though I love to call her a puppy--really enjoys interacting with children. Her size and exuberance with greeting sometimes causes children to want to back off. 

Recently we were at a public event with our granddaughter and family. She wanted to pet some
dogs that were there. They were so uninterested in being pet by a baby. 
That made me appreciate our Porschea all the more!
She is such a love...

Do you have a special pet or a memory of some extraordinary attention from an animal? 


  1. It looks like a fine day for a walk! My husband can charm just about any animal. They are always drawn to him and even some wild animals come close to him. He stays calm with them. Your dog is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane! Good to see you here! My husband is the same...animals are drawn to him too. Even my friends Alpacas who are very shy! You enjoy a wonderful week ahead also! :)

  2. Your grandbaby is adorable! I like big dogs. Yours is really beautiful. And to know that she's baby friendly makes me like her all the more! When Carrie was school age, the golden retriever we had met her at the bus stop, just a half block away, and carried her school bag home. So cute!

    Have a great day, Sue!

    1. Hi Mary! What a darling memory! We also had a Golden Retriever and he was so loving. Ours was less patient with our grandson then our Scooby-Do. Scooby was a Sheltie/Chow mix! They are wonderful dogs and I can picture your dog carrying Carrie's bag for her. :) Nice!