Friday, March 25, 2011

Calling All Cooks and Recipe Readers!

Greetings all of you who love to cook, read cookbooks or create in the kitchen! I admit I do not have the passion to read cookbooks and whip up kitchen creations as many women do. I admire you all greatly and love to taste your wares though! A group of ladies at my church, in my round table group, are planning a CookBook to raise funds for a local charity and our youth group. We are in the process of collecting recipes, finding out about the printing opportunities, and learning about general organization for our book. We have never tread this path before and are excited and a little apprehensive about it all. We are keeping our eyes on the goal ahead of us. Providing succulent recipes and uplifting thoughts to those who purchase the book. As well as providing for a local need. We are in the process of choosing a charity or local need. So I’m asking for your prayers. If you have a recipe you would love to share for our adventure do send them to me!! If you put your name or blog info on there we can include this in the book also. Bravo I say to those of you talented adventurous Queens or Kings of the Kitchen!! I send you a smile and a ton of gratitude!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warning About Photos On Line

Greetings all. I didn't realize that a photo could track your address.  This is a clip from ABC New about the images via cell phone, especially smart phones and I do believe the cameras could tell a stocker where you live. And they say your address information imbeded in the photo is easy to find.  Lets all be careful of the photos we post concerning our children and ourselves.  Be safe. Be smart. Be aware. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

STICKY SPOTS & did you notice!

March 12, 2011
 © Susan Marlene Kinney
For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will to do, that I practice.
Romans 7:19
For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.
Romans 8: 2
Bad habits and stick spots galore!! Oh my!! Will I ever break free of getting stuck spiritually and with my writing habits? I’ve focused on how much I slid or willfully walked into a sticky thought or word or action this past couple of weeks. It astounded me – all my messy detours that delayed movement forward spiritually speaking as well as with my lovely passion of writing. When I grab a moment, well I need more than a few, with the only One whom can rescue me from myself He yanked me with His might right back on track. Oh I need Him every hour!! In reflection I realized I’m not Supper Woman, I need rest – even when it’s not convenient! I need to focus on what Jesus would approve of before I THINK which starts the process of what I say ; which leads to what I act upon. How amazing to have a friend in Jesus and He loves us as we follow Him sometimes clumsily on the pathway behind him!
I need to digest and apply His word to my achy mind each day.
Concerning my writing I need to set goals, research before hand; diligently write each day even if it’s for only five minutes! I’ve considered the thoughts and activities which have put momentum into my writing. Some of these are character development,- getting familiar with my characters actually plumped up my plot! Outlining in detail after a fit of research released ideas like the undercurrent of a river – it is hard to keep up with putting words on the page after time well spent with such practices. If my mind is empty and blank as the page or computer screen in front of me I need to Free-Write. Once we had a prompt where we took a favorite author and improving upon what they had written. Working on a project like that can kick start me occasionally. Also we need to stay glued to the computer seat no matter how many mundane voices call for activity in another part of the house! Laundry and dusting will still be there for you to accomplish later. However, none of these practices will matter if we don’t take care of our relationship with Him. What could we say of importance or magnitude or truth if we do not give Him the first fruit of our time. Do yourself a favor and be enamored by His beauty each day. Before your fingers hit the keys for your writing project. Ask Him to move you out of your Sticky Spot. Rest in His presence. Think thoughts that would please Him and write with the power of heaven gracing the ink in your pen!

Ok did you chuckle!!
I wrote this right before leaving for our Pens meeting and as I read my devotion aloud everyone chuckled in a good natured sort of way!! We have such tremendous people attending our group! Anyway I appreciated the humor and I told Deborah Ann that I was going to post it just this way to see who would catch my bluper blunder! 
Deborah Ann has all faith in you that you will see it and comment!! 
Laughter is good for the soul!  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Found the Perfect Pooch?

My husband and I have been so busy this week! I thought I found the perfect puppy for us.  Then doubt like a sledge hammer hammered my dreams. I was at a very vulnerable place and was very close to walking away from my hearts desire.  My husband convinced me to actually visit a Leonberger to see first hand what I thought. The next day my daughter Vanessa and I drove 2 1/2 hours to BluDrift Leo's to see for ourselves. We were only able to do this since the owners were very gracious and allowed us to visit and talk with them about Leo's and their care. Leonbergers are incredible dogs who love to be with their owners and not tied out in a yard. They are affectionlate and yet if the need arises they will protect their family. I arrived up north just in time to fall desperately in love with these lovely, cuddly fur balls! My determination to adopt a Leonberger puppy grew to near desperation. Because BluDrift's Luna will only be givng birth to two or three puppies I decided to see if I could find another breeder who I could like and respect as much as BluDrift.  Fortuantely I was able to do so. A local shop gave me the name of Sentez Leonbergers and Sondra Boos beautiful girl Viva gave birth to a litter of 11 puppies two weeks ago!  She only had three puppies left by the time I called her. Now that we sent in our down payment she only has two puppies left.  Aren't they picture perfect!  One of those beauties is our little girl who will not stay little for long.  This week I've been in contact with Sondra and I've been skirting around the internet looking for excellent positive training methods for HUGE dogs!!  Yes Viva is 125 pounds at 2 years old and she is has not fully matured!!  Our little girl is going to get the most positive, consistant training I am capable of giving because she is just too big to not give positive boundries!  I have a friend who knows where and how to get a licence for becoming a therapy dog.  So our little girl and I will work hard and take the classes in order to pass  tests to become licenced. I want us to serve our comunity by visiting those in Assisted living and possilby some shutins?  Time will tell.  I've been considering what I need to redecorate around here so that our new "baby" in the house will not be lured into distructive mode.  I will take photos of all the temptation places I need to pack away for a couple of years while our precious ball of fur learns not to chew things like flower arrangements and old books and shoes......etc. etc. !!
Did I find the perfect pooch?  Well I do believe for my husband and I this puppy will be the perfect choice. Will it alwasys be easy? No. Will I wonder if I made a mistake along the way? Hopefully not. Our little lady is a gift from God, a precious companion and friend.  Not only that she will be a member of our family - our
perfect pooch!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Older Posts - Additional Thoughts! March 5, 2011

Greetings all! 

Well I added my thoughts to two older posts.  One is Zoe's Word and the other is Dog Day Decision!  So if you want to see my newest thoughts, todays thoughts  - you must travel back in time!  Sorry about that!  I thought if you wrote on an older post it situatied itself on the newest post spot. It appears that I'm wrong about that.  What is that noise.... my tummy grumbling.  See you later I believe I have some of those instant potatoes in the freezer!! Have a deleriously happy day!

Blessings and Joy!!