Saturday, March 12, 2011

STICKY SPOTS & did you notice!

March 12, 2011
 © Susan Marlene Kinney
For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will to do, that I practice.
Romans 7:19
For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.
Romans 8: 2
Bad habits and stick spots galore!! Oh my!! Will I ever break free of getting stuck spiritually and with my writing habits? I’ve focused on how much I slid or willfully walked into a sticky thought or word or action this past couple of weeks. It astounded me – all my messy detours that delayed movement forward spiritually speaking as well as with my lovely passion of writing. When I grab a moment, well I need more than a few, with the only One whom can rescue me from myself He yanked me with His might right back on track. Oh I need Him every hour!! In reflection I realized I’m not Supper Woman, I need rest – even when it’s not convenient! I need to focus on what Jesus would approve of before I THINK which starts the process of what I say ; which leads to what I act upon. How amazing to have a friend in Jesus and He loves us as we follow Him sometimes clumsily on the pathway behind him!
I need to digest and apply His word to my achy mind each day.
Concerning my writing I need to set goals, research before hand; diligently write each day even if it’s for only five minutes! I’ve considered the thoughts and activities which have put momentum into my writing. Some of these are character development,- getting familiar with my characters actually plumped up my plot! Outlining in detail after a fit of research released ideas like the undercurrent of a river – it is hard to keep up with putting words on the page after time well spent with such practices. If my mind is empty and blank as the page or computer screen in front of me I need to Free-Write. Once we had a prompt where we took a favorite author and improving upon what they had written. Working on a project like that can kick start me occasionally. Also we need to stay glued to the computer seat no matter how many mundane voices call for activity in another part of the house! Laundry and dusting will still be there for you to accomplish later. However, none of these practices will matter if we don’t take care of our relationship with Him. What could we say of importance or magnitude or truth if we do not give Him the first fruit of our time. Do yourself a favor and be enamored by His beauty each day. Before your fingers hit the keys for your writing project. Ask Him to move you out of your Sticky Spot. Rest in His presence. Think thoughts that would please Him and write with the power of heaven gracing the ink in your pen!

Ok did you chuckle!!
I wrote this right before leaving for our Pens meeting and as I read my devotion aloud everyone chuckled in a good natured sort of way!! We have such tremendous people attending our group! Anyway I appreciated the humor and I told Deborah Ann that I was going to post it just this way to see who would catch my bluper blunder! 
Deborah Ann has all faith in you that you will see it and comment!! 
Laughter is good for the soul!  


  1. great post....reminder to let go...have fun in the process and know...He's in control....Rest in His presence...thanks for this.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It seems we have lots in common....I love History...but am a lousy writer. I too wish I had a photographic memory LOL. And, I AM going to be a grandma in about 8 weeks. My daughter is a teacher's aide but will take time off after the baby is born. She loves working with the special needs children. I guess her years of having a special needs sister has given her a very special heart. You too sound like this kind of person.

    I too enjoy all the hats I wear even though I must admit, that weariness does set in when I am not grounded in the word and my armour is not on. A work in progress for sure.

    I look forward to reading through some of your previous entries. Nice that I have made another friend.


  3. Greetings Sarah and Connie! Deborah Ann told me about blogging a while ago. I dragged my feet. Now I'm ever grateful to her for her gentle persuasion. I'm happy to get to know you and share the beauty of your hearts that you adorn your blogs with! Thank you both for your visits!! I look forward to getting to know you also!

  4. Greetings Susan. Your words "However, none of these practices will matter if we don’t take care of our relationship with Him," are so true. Nothing elsehas eternal value without that. I did catch your blooper, but wasn't going to mention it until you asked for it to be mentioned :). Supper Woman. But I guess we sometimes try to be Supper Woman as well as Super Woman ;)

  5. That a girl!! Now I'm happy cause you caught it!! Actually both of those I'm not supper woman or super woman fit me! Thank you Patti!