Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi all!  The first photo was of Porschea the day after we first adopted her. These last two are from yesterday!  She is really growing and my husband and I would say she is as big as our previous Scooby Doo  dog !!  She is making friends about town when we take a walk around the block. She is doing great now with the potty traiining. Pet Smart told me about the toys you freeze to help with the teethng and I'm not sure if she or my husband and I are happier about this discovery!  Puppy classes start soon and I look forward to working with her!  She has so much personality and loves to take a walk twice a day around the block! Zoe and Porchea still hang out in the same room but Zoe is and has to be cautious.  Last we knew, Porschea had gained 20 pounds on Zoe!  Well then have a great day and blessed Memorial Day with your families!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Puppy Porschea Report May 22, 11

Good mornings All!
Since we picked Porschea up in Ohio life has been a whirlwind of activity! I’m still stealing time to work on my manuscript but mostly life has revolved around our precious puppy Porschea! She is a bucket of love adorned with teeth like the thorns of rosebushes. Only thankfully puppy teeth will only be around for a fairly short time! Whew! She loves to walk with me and play with us. When she cuddles she eventually wants to turn us into her private chew toys – but we are working on redirecting that activity. Puppy classes start in June and we have already arrived at May 22nd on the calendar!! Not long now and the Calvary will help us direct and encourage Porschea to become an obedient, compliant young lassie! We work on training each day with commands like, “Look at me,” which is the first step to gaining her attention in order to gain her obedience I do believe! We still go over the, “sit, lay down, and come,” commands also. I need to branch out a bit to offer Porschea variety and new experiences. She and I took our first walk on the beach and she loved it. Well we stayed on the walkways and I need to find out the dog/beach rules.
Zoe seems to shrink in size next to Porschea daily but she is brave and does not shrink from the challenges looming before her or chasing her tail! In fact, Zoe appreciated me for acquiring a cat tree for her to place her and her food out of Porschea’s reach when she is trying to eat. She likes eating way up high in her almost tree house kitchen! She seeks the high ground often at this stage of Porschea’s puppyhood! Lucky for Zoe, Porschea is none too light on her feet and her gallops can be heard from quite a distance which gives Zoe time to take the leap of height needed to get away from the heavy bemused dog trying to stampede her!
Well all that is all for now, I do have pictures of Porschea at the beach and hanging at the Kinney household but I forgot which file I put them in….I promise I will find them and attatch them her before long!!  Today I have church and then a baby shower. When I get home it will be time to walk Porschea and if I have any energy left I will try to look up photos for your enjoyment! She is such a cutie pie!

Zoes Word for May 22, 2011

Ascribe to the Lord, O mighty ones, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.  The Lord gives strength to his people, the Lord Blesses his people with peace. Ps 29 1 & 11
Troubles may surround me and the waves may rise but I will look to the strength of the Lord and the strength he measures out to me and His people.  Top it off He blesses me with Peace! Yeah God!! Praise Your name on High – I’ve been seeking the high places how about you?

Zoe on a high but not permanant place. This is a piece of something or other for our train room that was just passing through!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tale of a Piddlin’ Pup Named “Runt”

A farmer’s dog came into town; his Christian name was “Runt.”
No noble pedigree had he, put piddlin’ was his stunt.
And as he strutted down the street, twas beautiful to see
His work on every lamppost, his mark on every tree.

He watered every gateway, too, and never missed a post,
For piddlin’ was his specialty and piddlin’ was his boast.
The city curs looked on amazed with deep and jealous rage
To see a simple country dog, the piddler of his age.

Then all the dogs from everywhere were summoned with a yell
To sniff this piddlin’ stranger o’er and judge him by his smell.
Some thought a king he must be, beneath his tail, a rose.
So every city dog drew near and sniffed it up his nose.

They smelled him over one by one, the smelled him two by two.
While noble “Runt” in high disdain stood still till they were through
Then, just to show the whole shebang he didn’t give a damn,
He trotted to the grocery store and piddled on a ham.

He piddled in a mackerel keg, he piddled on the floor
And when the grocer kicked him out, he piddled through the door.
Behind him all the city dogs lined up with instinct true,
To start a piddlin’ carnival and see this stranger through.

They showed him every piddlin’ post they had in all the town
And started in with many a wink to wear this stranger down.
They sent for champion piddlers who were always on the go,
Who sometimes did a piddlin’ stunt or gave a piddlin’ show.

They sprung these on him suddenly when midway of the town.
“Runt” only smiled, then polished off the ablest white and brown.
For “Runt” was with them on every trick with vigor and with vim.
A thousand piddles, more or less, were all the same to him.
So he was piddlin’ merrily with hind leg lifted high
When most were hoisting legs in bluff and piddlin’ mighty dry.

Then on and on “ Runt” sought new grounds by piles and scraps and rust
til every city dog went dry and piddled only dust.
Yet on and on went noble “Runt” as wet as any rill
and left the champion city pups piddled to a standstill.
Then “Runt” did fancy piddling with freehand flirts and flits
Like “doubledip” and “gimlet twist” and all those latest hits.

Yet all the while this country dog did never wink or grin,
but blithely piddled out of town as he had piddled in.
The city dogs a convention held to ask, “What did defeat us?”
But no one every put them wise that “Runt” had diabetes!

This is a poem my grandmother saved many moons ago. I've been busy with my own piddling pup named Porschea! She is a darling and hops around looking like a teddy bear.  I will post some photos soon!  I hope everyone is well and blessed!

Blessings and Joy,