Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi all!  The first photo was of Porschea the day after we first adopted her. These last two are from yesterday!  She is really growing and my husband and I would say she is as big as our previous Scooby Doo  dog !!  She is making friends about town when we take a walk around the block. She is doing great now with the potty traiining. Pet Smart told me about the toys you freeze to help with the teethng and I'm not sure if she or my husband and I are happier about this discovery!  Puppy classes start soon and I look forward to working with her!  She has so much personality and loves to take a walk twice a day around the block! Zoe and Porchea still hang out in the same room but Zoe is and has to be cautious.  Last we knew, Porschea had gained 20 pounds on Zoe!  Well then have a great day and blessed Memorial Day with your families!!


  1. My what big paws she has! I would guess that she does become a well trained dog :)

  2. Look at those paws!!! They are like little mini pillows! Too cute for words! Blessings, Joanne