Thursday, June 16, 2011

Devotion for Pens

Devotion for Pens

June 11th   2011

©Susan Marlene Kinney

In the wee hours of the night or through the course of a brilliant sunny day, all opposition and smooth pathways shape us, sharpen us, and place an indelible mark upon our character. We are usually not strong enough to be sweet at the end of a difficult and exhausting experience - until we bow to eternal love. This mysterious love flows from our Eternal Father God and fills us to overflowing – if we but chose to allow this love to grace our thoughts and our spirit. Though He is the potter and we are the clay He has placed the responsibility to accept His divine presence upon our shoulders to allow love or oppose it.

The reason great characters leap off the pages of our favorite books is because we hear the distant call to come up higher. Those characters, bigger than life, situate before our mind a visual of higher choice when they realize the “truth” which has been smothered in the lie our character has believed and they turn in the power of the truth. Yes our characters back-story holds the key to why they believe the lie and have not lived up to their potential!

Fellow writers, come up higher. Sit before His divine presence and allow His love to grace and erase every offence, criticism, or unloving thought from the pages of your mind. Yes life hurts but look at how we grow no matter what or who challenges us – if we but chose to allow Father God’s love to wash our difficulty clean. Imagine the impact on a family member when you write that memoir, short story, or novel and have the example of your characters who grapple with overwhelming difficulties and triumph in the liberty His love provides. Mark your characters triumphs well with the black of your ink set on the glorious white of the page. Bring opposition after opposition to strengthen the character  of your characters and capture the imagination and desire of your readers to come up higher and listen to our

Heavenly Father who calls….

Monday, June 13, 2011

LaFonte Family Benefit with Lia Sophia

Hi all,
If you’re interested in this jewelry and helping the LeFonte family the changes I need to make are as follows:
Or you can place an order online….
Click on “Our Jewelry” on the top of the screen.
Ø Enter hostess name 
ü First name     Susan
                   ü Last name     Kinney 
§  Place your order!   My book party closes on Wednesday, June 22nd   tax rate is 5.0 %
Or ladies, those of you who live close by can stop in at my house and check out a catalogue and share a cup of tea !!  Above all keep praying for this family!! Thank you much! 
Enjoy a deliciously wonderful day!

Greetings All,

First of all I wish to say hi and hope all is well with every one of you!  A teacher I work with told me about a family who’s children suffer from FEVR a visual impairment condition which left untreated could cause blindness in both of their children.  I am not one who ever wanted to host a party again but for this family I am willing to step out of my comfort zone!  If there is something that you could purchase on their behalf I would appreciate the gesture.  Cris Gordon, the Lia Sophia sales lady is giving all of her profits from this and other parties toward their visual medical expenses. 

If you are in town here  or close enough to attend this is your e-mail invitation to come to my home and see my Leonberger puppy! Yes I’m shameless that way! But it would be great to see you all!!  J

Or you can place an order online….
Click on “Our Jewelry” on the top of the screen
Ø Enter hostess name 
ü First name     Susan
ü Last name      Kinney
§  Place your order!   My party closes on Saturday, June 18th   tax rate is 5.0 %
Take care and if you don’t need anything then please do pray for these children to keep their sight.  Thank you all have a great day!