Thursday, August 18, 2011

Comment Problems Still!

Hi all!

I am still unable to make comments on my blog and some other blogs also. I am not a technical lady and with my busy schedule I keep putting off looking for the solution for fixing this difficulty! Sorry that I can’t acknowledge your comments. You are all important to me. Since had problems I’ve inherited this hindrance to my communication with you all! I can still look at your blogs and once in a while the comment I write is accepted – what joy!! I will be leaving for a Christian Writers conference soon! God is gracious !! He has made a way and granted me favor! I’m so excited and I’m full of joy – my cup runneth over. J I’m taking care of all those details one does before making an important trip! Food for my hubby, the dog, the cat, and the birds. Snack food for the hubby, the dog, the cat and the birds. The house is clean, laundry washed and a baby sitter for our huge puppy acquired! Whew, now it is time to pack for me!!

Have a wonderful day all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kalahari and Mt. Olympus at Wisconsin Dells

I can’t believe we are already half way through August! I have taken time off my blogging to vacation, visit family, and write more of my manuscript. It has been a fabulous summer and enjoyable one. I hope to accomplish more to do’s on my list though before school starts in the fall.

So this is what the Kinney’s has been up to. We took our grandsons and youngest daughter to Mt. Olympus, Wisconsin Dells for three nights and four days. We had a marvelous time! Last year my husband and I took the boys to Kalahari Water Park in the Dell’s. You may be wondering what I thought of both places. Okay, I’ll tell you. Twisting my arm is not necessary!  I love the atmosphere in Kalahari, it has a compact feel to it and there is a great restaurant for old people like me for fine dining! We were more worn out there in two days because we constantly walked up flights of steps ride the water slides – one after another till late in the evening. Somehow it is easy to lose ones sense of time there. Our first night we keep going on the water slides until we thought it would be around dinnertime. It was already 9:00pm!  I would definitely go there again. Now Mt. Olympus didn’t impress me with the d├ęcor as strongly. Kalahari definitely had atmosphere and I think the difference is because Mt. Olympus is larger in land area and has more to offer for dry and wet rides. There was a huge flood of people when we arrived. Through the week, people were zigzagged in the lobby line to sign in or receive service in some fashion.

I felt that personal service was better at Kalahari then Mt. Olympus also. When I asked for help at Kalahari they could tell me what I needed to know. But at Mt. Olympus the workers often didn’t have a clue as to how to direct me. For instance my wristband fell off during the second ride and several people we asked didn’t know what to tell me concerning where to replace it. Many had trouble speaking English but they were quite helpful for those from other nations looking for directions. The way it was spread out at Mt. Olympus was kinder to us oldsters and we lasted longer. Rooms at both places were wonderful. Although at Mt. Olympus when the house cleaners came, they didn’t make the beds on the bunks. They placed a clean sheet and blanket folded up on top of the bunk beds and each night I had to tuck them in for the boys. When I go on vacation I don’t want to be making beds each night! 

The rides were fun and the 9ft. wave pool exceptional!  I prefer the water slides and refuse to do the roller coasters so you will have to ask someone else about those! I recommend both places as a wonderful vacation spot! Water slides are a world all their own!