Thursday, August 18, 2011

Comment Problems Still!

Hi all!

I am still unable to make comments on my blog and some other blogs also. I am not a technical lady and with my busy schedule I keep putting off looking for the solution for fixing this difficulty! Sorry that I can’t acknowledge your comments. You are all important to me. Since had problems I’ve inherited this hindrance to my communication with you all! I can still look at your blogs and once in a while the comment I write is accepted – what joy!! I will be leaving for a Christian Writers conference soon! God is gracious !! He has made a way and granted me favor! I’m so excited and I’m full of joy – my cup runneth over. J I’m taking care of all those details one does before making an important trip! Food for my hubby, the dog, the cat, and the birds. Snack food for the hubby, the dog, the cat and the birds. The house is clean, laundry washed and a baby sitter for our huge puppy acquired! Whew, now it is time to pack for me!!

Have a wonderful day all!


  1. Enjoy your conference.
    Blogger problems can wait.

  2. Go and have an awesome time! Blogger problem will probably resolve itsself.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I too am having problems with blogger...I can comment only on those who have their comment section set to a certain way. Which is sad because I think certain blogs think I have stopped reading...but I haven't.

    I think blogger has major issues and hopefully are continuing to work on the problem...maybe you need to email them.

    Have a wonderful time at the conference.


  4. Sue, I'm having problems commenting on blogs on Internet Explorer. Today I'm commenting on Mozilla Firefox, and it's working. Maybe just try another browser?

    See you Saturday!