Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dells and Afterwards

Mt. Olympus holds many wonderful memories for me! We always love to see our grandsons, but the added delight of observing their faces light-up as they took their turn on some enormously steep slide or jumped into the 9 ft. wave still brings a smile to my face. Our youngest daughter came and enjoyed the fun also! What a blend of personalities our family holds! I still cannot believe our oldest grandson, who is not that old, actually enjoyed the slide, which seemed like a straight drop off.  I still see him in my nightmares. Falling, falling, and falling some more. He ended up splashing us with a huge wave! I don’t’ think he will ever be afraid of a ride again. Now, is that a good thing or  not!! That second contraption, which looks like a too-large triangle was my dumb attempt to experience something new! My daughter rode that ride with me. Bless her heart. I, unlike my grandson, did not overcome my fear of heights or possible dropping.  If that seat hadn’t held me tight...Oh goodness, I arrived at Mt. Olympus a coward and left there the same!  I even ran into some people I recognized while on our way around the water park! Imagine that! How often does that ever happen? Every now and then a chilling breeze hints at the winter weather that will soon visit us, for too many months. Yes, winter is just around the corner. But these memories of family and the Dell's keep me warm and full of joy! I will hold onto a bit of summer in the middle of the worse Wisconsin chill for sure!
So much has been happening. Once we took our grandchildren back home we returned to our limping puppy. She leaped too many steps at the babysitters. (They are not called leaping Leo’s for nothing!) I must stress it was not the babysitters fault! It turned out she pulled her tendon and I had to not walk her for a week!! By the second day of meds and confinement she seriously appeared to have swallowed Tigger. We did our level best to stop her jumping, which was spurred on by her frustrated energy build up!! She was so very glad to begin her walking about town adventures with me once again! Since then we have lengthened our explorations and visited many interesting streets. Porschea’s nose is ever busy experiencing the sidewalk in a way that I can’t even imagine! And may I add, in a way I do not want to imagine! We have met so many people, dogs, and bugs along our various routes. Every day is a surprisingly fun memory and learning curve with our full of personality 70 ½ pound puppy!
Work has begun in full force and the days slip by before I can even sneeze it seems! Porschea is in her second round of classes and I am enjoying a wonderful Beth Moore Bible study called Believing God! I would recommend it if you want to live a victorious Christian life! I’ve not been good about doing all of my homework but I definitely want to catch up because her studies are wonderfully thought provoking and encourage me to live for excellence and not shirk the hard to deal with issues and irritations of life! Believing God – yes that is the right stand to take in every situation!  

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