Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pens of Praise

Christin Writers Group

Saturday, December 14, 2013

10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Faith Church

2201  42nd Street, Manitowoc, WI  54220

§   Faith Church is located next to Festival Foods

§   Not far from the Manitowoc exit off Interstate 43


Debby Erdmann will share the devotion. Kathy Leist is bringing the desert.


This meeting will be expressly different from our regular monthly structure. Pens has sponsored the Bulamu Mama Essay Contest for the youth who live in this orphanage in Uganda. All who wish to participate with judging the twenty essays will pre-read them and then pick out their top three favorites. At the meeting we will read the favored essays and then vote for first, second, and third prize winners. Immediately after the vote, if time permits, we will share our own short story or work in progress.(Approximately five minutes per person so that everyone has a chance to share.)  Reading your writing with the group is not required to attend the meeting.


ATTENTION: Anyone wishing to judge the entries must contact Debby Erdmann in order to receive the Bulamu essays. You may reach her at

Thank you!


We may also share a book report on a novel or a “how to” for writing!


 Warning you may end up loving to write!

Visit a local shop or bring your coffee or cappuccino with you.

Let us know if you’re attending so we can save a seat just for you.

We look forward to seeing you there! May God bless you richly and always as you write for His glory!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Short Story

By Susan Marlene Kinney

Pens of Praise Devotion      November 9, 2013

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1: 14 NKJV

When I turn the crinkling pages of my New King James Bible, I watch Jesus inspire and lead the masses. His down to earth tales finger the hearts of His listeners as He weaves their experience and understanding of day to day existence, into eternal patterns and focus. Jesus used truth principles in the power of story to bring their, and our, understanding over the bridge spanning the gap between heaven and earth.

Other names like Abraham, Joseph, Esther, Job, Matthew, and Peter, bring to mind biblical happenings, words which paint the picture of courage, faith, and overcoming. These important collections of wisdom and mishaps warm my blood with hope and longing.

They pave the way to relationship with Christ and our ultimate survival with Him.

An Old Testament hero, whom I treasure, is Joseph. In the beginning of Joseph’s story, his prophetic dream gave him a glimpse of what was to come. Life for Joseph unfolded in a completely different direction than he’d expected. In spite of not understanding why the many trials and separation from his family happened, Joseph remained faithful to the knowledge that God was God. Joseph persevered through each challenge and disappointment until he was fit to be trusted by God to save many from starvation. Near the end of his story he answered his brothers’ fear with all the love and courage of a man who knows his God. Joseph speaks to them and says, “Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God? But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good…Now therefore do not be afraid, I will provide for you and your little ones.” And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them. Genesis 50:19 – 21

Funny how after a trial, when we have held faithfully to the grace of the Lord, we see the why or the meaningfulness of our troubled circumstances.

 And we are glad!

We’ve become someone we never knew we could.

Stories internalize themselves into our thoughts and pattern how we view the world and our circumstances. The Bible is God’s love letter to us and a roadmap, which can lead the way through brambles and weeds of difficulty, so that we can follow the footsteps of Jesus. He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. I invite you to peruse the short stories in the Bible. Cleave to their truth to gain strength, peace, and joy for your journey. The rich reality of these biblical men and women’s circumstances, though they happened decades ago, have touched my steps and bent my decisions to follow paths less traveled by.

So, you say that you have a story? What experience can you share, which can melt the wearing lies, deceptions, and discouragement shouldering the perception of your potential readers?



Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Pens of Praise

Christian Writers Group


Next meeting…

Saturday, November, 9th   at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Faith Church

2201  42nd Street, Manitowoc, WI  54220

§   Faith Church is located next to Festival Foods

§   Not far from the Manitowoc exit off Interstate 43

We shall explore the adventures of writing short stories at our November meeting. Susan Kinney will present information on gleaning ideas and plotting a short story for either your own personal enjoyment or for publication.

We will also discuss different opportunities for short story pieces.

Our prompt is “Abundance or Lack Thereof”

The prompt may be written in the genre you are familiar with: poetry, short story, article, or memoir. Or you can challenge yourself and write in a different genre altogether. You are not required to write to the prompt, but I’m sure you will enjoy yourself more if you do. We are a safe place where you can share and enjoy others, who entertain or minister by the glide of their pens.

We will also share healthy boundaries for our Pens readings. Sometimes a writer is uncertain about sharing the content of their latest work in progress. I recently read A Novel Idea Best Advice on Writing Inspirational Fiction, a Tyndale book, written by many top notch writers. This book suggests many excellent guidelines’. Quoting page 212, Closing the Bedroom Door by Terri Blackstok states: When you write a Christian novel, you make an implied covenant with your readers to give them a clean story, one that doesn’t put a stumbling block before them.

We invite you to bring a short five minute sample of your WIP, or what we call your work in progress. But, that is only if you desire to share it in a safe, friendly environment. You are not required to bring writings to attend the meeting.

We may share a book report on a novel or a “how to” for writing!

 Warning you may end up loving to write!

Remember to visit a local shop or bring your coffee or cappuccino with you.

Let us know if you are attending so we can save a seat just for you.

We look forward to seeing you there! May God bless you richly and always as you write for His glory!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My All-Time Favorite Antagonist Taught Me…

My All-Time Favorite Antagonist Taught Me…

For Pens of Praise Prompt–By Susan Marlene Kinney

October 12, 2013


Worthy antagonists such as Darth Vader, Sylvester the cat, and Carry Grant’s sweet old aunts in Arsenic and Old Lace, danced and flirted with the curser on my computer screen. Though they were all excellent choices to write about, for our Pens of Praise October prompt, only one antagonist truly captured my fascination. She irritates and fascinates me, but also makes me chuckle.

This antagonist may remind you of a next door neighbor, a relative or fellow worker. But, let’s hope not. Between pages 80-83 of a certain book, which I will name later, are the insufferable, irritating characteristics of my memorable antagonist. Let’s do a rundown of her particular qualities.  She is needy, demanding, sharp tongued and full of sarcasm— just to begin with. Did I mention controlling and cheap concerning everything in the household? She can’t bear any noise or a breath of fresh air and she certainly never smiles. In fact, the protagonist in this book finds herself, “wondering what would happen to her face if she did smile.” This antagonist acts like a hypochondriac, waking her daughter each hour at night with demands, since she sleeps during the day. She constantly complains about those who help her the most, making the tender of heart feel that they are never… enough. She is not easily influenced to another opinion and she uses the guilt card whenever she can, to control other people’s choices. She accuses the innocent of ulterior motives and crushes any joy or pleasant musings with her sour, grating words—

What? I ask. Are you begging me to stop already, before I tell you how suspicious and meddling…

Okay, I could go on about her crusty character, except I’d run out of white space.

You have just met Mrs. Gibson straight from the pages of Anne of Windy Poplars, or from the movie Anne of Avonlea, a character created by L. M. Montgomery

When I list Mrs. Gibson’s characteristics, all I see is how unlovely and unlikeable she is.  Yet, when I observe her greatest stab at manipulation toward her daughter, which include the silent treatment, refusing to eat, and seeming to holding back forgiveness before she passes, she speaks up to say something that melts my heart. She tells Anne, “If you’ve managed to get Pauline to accept that Isaac Kent, you’ve accomplished more than I thought was humanly possible. I think we shant have to climb down and tell him to take her.” Though her ways are demeaning and destructive, I start to believe that this negative woman is actually trying to strengthen her weak willed, passive daughter.

What have I learned from this lady? I’ve learned how entertaining the power of control is for some individuals and that when someone is selfishness and demeaning that I can respond in a way that is honorable and life-giving, if I use a little creativity. I’ve learned not to despise this type of person, but to somehow find it within me to pity or pray over their heart condition. Last of all, I’ve learned to not allow them to control me, like Pauline did for so long. Thank goodness she does overcome, in spite of her mother’s mind games! When I see that spark of amusement in Mrs. Gibson’s eyes each time Pauline finally speaks out, I think to myself, maybe Pauline’s mother does have a heart with a freckle of love beating in her breast after all!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Antagonist Wanta-be

By Susan Marlene Kinney

Pens of Praise Devotion, October 12, 2013


That would be me, an antagonist wanta-be! I want to be like my FATHER IN HEAVEN, for HE fosters life … For instance, in the book of Romans, in a passage, which speaks of Abraham being our father, the Scripture reads…

God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did, who contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken, “So shall your descendants be.” Romans 4:17

In the movie ‘Les Miserables,’ Javert, Montreuil’s police chief, is passionate about keeping the law, but he is actually Jean Valjean’s antagonist. I suppose, in a similar way, I want to be the devils antagonist. I want to speak life and not death. I want to pray interruption and destruction to the devils plans. I want to encourage and strengthen my brothers and sisters in Christ.

 I want to be a part of rescuing those who feel unworthy of God’s favor by bringing them into the truth and light of the father’s love for them.

The Lord says about the wicked, “You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit.” Aren’t we to bring the opposite, to displace Satan’s wickedness? I want to harness my mouth for life, purity, and to keep my tongue from evil. In the movie, ‘Les Miserables,’ the government’s faulty system treated the innocent like Cosett unjustly and also harshly treated those who stole bread because they were starving. No forgiveness or opportunity could be found for Cosett’s mother. This movie represents to me a system of law without grace without love without godly truth.

How do we prevent ourselves from such error and coldness of heart? “My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, LORD, will I seek.” Psalms 27:8. And also, “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” Psalms 105:4

It’s up to us to meditate and ponder the word of God, because no one can do that for us. Our father made us in HIS image. How joyful HE must be when we resemble HIS goodness, kindness, grace and love when life tosses its worst at us. We are his ambassadors. How about this new thought— we can be the Antagonistic Ambassadors of the LORD Most High!

That is the title I would be honored to embrace.

Oh Lord, your kindness penetrates the deepest darkest holes. You are unwavering with unconditional love, grace, and holiness. Help me to be you willing antagonistic ambassador who is successful in thwarting the plans and evil intentions of the devil and his minions. I asked this day for a natural flair of bringing your grace to the graceless, your patience to the inpatient and generosity to greedy. Help me to represent purity in a way that is not legalistic but is instead life-giving.

As Jesus prayed, “Our FATHER in heaven, hallowed be YOUR name, YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done on earth as it is in heaven…
*The very next day after our Pens meeting, we had a guest speaker at church.  Guess what Pastor Andy Shanholtz spoke about.....Well the title of his sermon was "The Labels We Wear!" I've ever thrilled with our Lord!  Sorry about the photo I couldn't think of anything else that would represent antagonisgts any better! LOL!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pens of praise

Christian Writers Group

Next meeting…

Saturday, October 12th   10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Faith Church

2201  42nd Street, Manitowoc, WI  54220

§   Faith Church is located next to Festival Foods

§   Not far from the Manitowoc exit off Interstate 43


The teaching for October is Antagonists who needs them? We do!

Susan Kinney is supplying the teaching for this enlightening lesson on those characters we love to hate and how we can know their purpose.

Our prompt is, “My FAVORITE all time antagonists taught me…..” Yes dear writer you fill in the blank!

Keep in mind these teachings can sharpen and improve the skills needed for many genres. You are welcome to bring your latest work in progress for a five-minute reading, but this is not required to attend the meeting.

Remember to visit one of our local shops and bring your coffee or cappuccino with you. Let us know if you’re attending so we can save a seat just for you.

For those who can attend the October meeting - we look forward to seeing you there! May God bless you richly and always as you write for His glory!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pampered Chef and the Girls Night Out!

Pampered Chef has a wonderful plan for the ladies of the house to enjoy a night out with the and chatting and laughing together!  It is NOT a Pampered chef party where you have the saleslady showing off product. In fact there are no salesladies present. I have one opinion and one alone for this idea. "Brilliant" these evenings are truly the creation of some master mind somewhere!

You see, the hostess plans and buys dinner for all ten ladies. (One month out of the year for each lady.)  Then the rest of us show up and pay $16.00 which the hostess uses to choose almost $160.00 of wonderful Pampered Chef products. (No I'm not a Pampered Chef saleslady!) The hostess is organized and has the recipes and ingredients out for all of us to use. So we get cooking....okay talking and laughing.....Awwwwweeee....eventually we get to the cooking and we use paper plates or plastic throw away plates....

Well,  I couldn't be more pleased with these evenings! Men can fish and hunt all they want, but a night out like this, cooking with my buddies, and eating a great meal, can't be compared to anything else!  Our lady, Jennifer Colchado, set us up with this wonderful, ideal program, and my friends and my daughter and I are bonding and loving our time together....not to mention the delicious foods as we all try to outdo one another in the kitchen....Just kidding!

It is all fun and fellowship for us girls! Jennifer has connected with us from Florida as we are enjoying ourselves from the wilds of Wisconsin! Thank you Jennifer! We appreciate you!!!!

Jennifer Colchado
Pampered Chef
Independent Consultant

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Winner Announcement for Laura Frantz’s “Love’s Awakening”


Every writer will be encouraged to read what this grateful winner has to say about how the Lord used fiction in her life.
The time has come to announce the winner of Laura Frantz’s, “Love’s Awakening,” which will release in September with Revell Publishing. Congratulations to Cheryl Veenstra! You are the winner of this novel, which is the second in the Ballantyne Legacy series. Everyone who read "Love's Reckoning," has waited anxiously for the second book’s release. Warning! Book stores had better beware! September is almost upon us and I’m sure there will be a stampede of eager readers to purchase this novel. Hopefully, they have ordered more copies of this much awaited novel.
I asked Cheryl if she wanted to share something about herself or about winning Laura’s novel and she kindly responded. She asked me to select what I wanted from her e-mail…but I didn’t want you to miss any of her thoughtful words...



Thanks so much for writing and for the opportunity to win Laura Frantz’s book!  What a fun surprise gift and a real encouragement to me!  I so enjoyed reading your interview with Laura!  I always recommend her books to my friends...I love the way she weaves in fascinating history with a great love story that points us to the Lord!
I’ve always loved to read but didn’t have much extra time while raising three kids the last 23 years.  My youngest daughter was born with spina bifida 15 years ago and her health issues/disabilities have kept me busy (but blessed)!  I found myself learning those toughest of lessons.....when life throws you a ‘curve ball’ and you find yourself on a road you never expected to travel.   God is good....all the time.   But three years ago, I found myself in a totally unexpected crisis of faith when my other daughter (my ‘healthy’ one) suddenly had serious health issues and missed her last two years of high school because she was so ill.   I hit a wall spiritually and God felt so very far away and silent (for the first time in my life).   We were in the hospital for more days than I could count and I just felt so numb.  I picked up a few Christian fiction novels at our local bookstore, just to help pass the time.  (I’ll admit, I felt kinda guilty at first.  I should be reading the Bible...or devotionals...but to be honest, I just wanted to ‘escape’ real life for a bit.  Become engulfed in another time and place...another person’s story and challenge....maybe to feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggle to survive this crazy life).  
During those tough three years, it was humbling to realize that God often used the verses, lessons and stories in Christian fiction to touch my heart and draw me closer to Him, even in the midst of life’s trials when my faith was faltering due to life’s stresses.   More times than I’d like to admit, I would burst into tears as an author, put into words, exactly what was in my heart!  In that moment, I no longer felt alone in my struggles.  I felt.... seen and heard and understood.  God has given me many hugs through Christian fiction books.  I finally started to hear His voice again.   It may sound strange, but it’s true! 

Hahaha...that was probably a LOT more than you wanted to hear from me.  But thanks for listening!   I’m still processing the last many years and figuring out what God is teaching me.  Feel free to pick out what you may (or may not want to) use.
AND...Thank you for your wise words and thoughtful observations in your blog...especially about God using us, even when we are imperfect and weak!  I look forward to reading it in the future too!  The following verse touched me tonight while reading through some of your past entries ....”And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace [Who imparts all blessings and favor] Who has called you to His {own} eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will Himself complete and make you what you ought to be, establish and ground you securely and strengthen, and settle you.”  1 Peter 5:10 Amplified Bible

I attached a picture of my family.  I’m so thankful that God has restored the health of my oldest daughter.   Two of my kids are grown and out of the house now...thankfully, we still have one at home....I’m sure not ready for an ‘empty’ nest yet!!
God Bless and THANK YOU again!!  I look forward to following your blog...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pens of praise

Christian Writers Group 

Next meeting…

Saturday, September 14th  at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This will be the second Saturday of the month.  Disregard previous message. Plans changed to accommodate our usual meeting date.

To be held at…

Debby Erdmann’s Campsite

Cedar Valley Campground
N5098 Cedar Valley Rd.
Kewaunee, WI
Site# 89A

Stop at the office for directions to the campsite. Your $5 admission fee has been waived, in case they ask.
Lunch to follow. Debby will put on a nice meal for all of us since we have to drive so far. Please let Debby know if you are attending so that she will be able to plan the  menu.
Cedar Valley Campground is about 40 minutes from Manitowoc. The easiest way there is take Hwy. Q all the way to Hwy. 29. (Q turns into Manitowoc Rd. halfway.) At Hwy. 29 it's a T intersection. Turn right. Take Hwy. 29 to Cty. B. turn left. The campground is north of the B/C intersection.

During our September meeting, we will explore the benefits of using the Christian Writer’s Market and the Writer’s Market books for publication ideas and information. If you desire, bring poetry, short story, article, or novel ideas along to check the specifications for submission.

Joseph Lubega from Uganda will provide our devotion and we may be able to twist his arm and have him speak about the orphanage he represents! J

Our prompt for September is “Letter to the Editor.” You are not limited to any one newspaper. Our Herald Times Reporter will accept letters which are 300 or fewer words. Occasionally they will take a 600 words or less submission. You may submit online on their website 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Laura Frantz's "Love's Reckoning" Interview & Book Giveaway

Laura Frantz's Ballantyne Novel Interview and Book Giveaway
This Ballantyne Legacy, starting with “Love’s Reckoning” by Laura Frantz, is a spellbinding tale that will tether you to the pages. Eden and Elspeth Lee’s secrets and strivings will put you in a quandary of: “Will I have the strength to put this book down? If I do, will I be able to think about anything else?”
This is a beautifully written story, one that captured my heart and pulled me willingly along the whole way through. I had to know what would happen next. What choices would be made? The twists this story took kept me engrossed in the business of watching their secrets unfold and rooting for the hero and heroine. The first time I read this captivating tale I was in perfect angst when I had to put the book down to take care of the mundane duties awaiting my attention. Unimportant tasks such as going to work or making dinner!
The second time I flipped these pages was during my summer vacation. I found “Loves Reckoning” to be just as intriguing and satisfying. This novel is on my reread and reread again and again and again list. If you are looking for a well written novel that deals with imperfect people, harsh realities life can toss your way, and strength to overcome, then this will be the novel for you. The characters are well rounded, unique, and interesting. The historical information is carefully woven in to move the story along and yet put the reader there. My advice is that you purchase “Love’s Reckoning” this month so that you will be ready when book two, “Love’s Awakening,” is available in September 2013.
INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR  - Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz
1.   I’m curious, are you a writer who plots your story beforehand or do you discover the adventure along the way? Generally, I’m one of those crazy people who just sits down with pen and paper and writes, no map. But this new series of mine, The Ballantyne Legacy, required a proposal or synopsis of each story which was new to me. Thankfully, my publisher lets me deviate for the good of the book if needed and stray from the synopsis for the good of the story.
2.  How did you choose the location of your story? (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) My head editor wanted to set the story in Pittsburgh and so I also brought in Philadelphia, a city I love. I think there’s a danger of authors becoming pigeon-holed in a particular setting (in my case, Kentucky) which can be limiting. Branching out can be beneficial to both author and reader at times, or so I hope.
3.  Do you have any funny or stand out experiences you would like to share about researching this novel? I am such an unfunny person (can you tell that by my emotionally intense books?!). I did learn SO MUCH about blacksmithing I felt I could work in the smithy right along with Silas. And yet the more I learned the more I felt I’d only touched the tip of the iceberg.  The blacksmithing trade was quite complicated and required a great deal of skill and artisanship to be truly good.
4.  I love the quotes in the beginning of your chapters. Do you find them before you write the chapter or afterwards? Both. I’m always on the lookout for great quotes and have fun looking them up or asking readers to share those they like best. It’s amazing how easy it is to match a quote with a chapter, sort of setting the scene for what is to come without spoiling things.
5.  Your characterization of the two sisters, Eden and Elspeth, are so well done. Did you create them realizing how helpful their conflicts will be to young girls who experience dysfunction in their families interactions? I did not realize this until a professional library recommended the book to teen girls for the very reasons you mention. I’ve always wanted to reach young women/teens and pray this book makes that kind of an impact. I don’t have a sister though I wish I did. But if I did I wouldn’t want an Elspeth!
6.  How long does it take you to accomplish the research for a book series such as this? I always seem to be researching, filling notebooks with historical info and keeping a filing system of the same. While I’m writing the story I continue researching. This series is especially a challenge because I’m dealing with stories leaping from 1780 to 1820 to 1850 or so. Times and customs and everything changed radically then so it’s crucial to stay relevant.
7.    How do you glean ideas you need for your stories? Can you give an example? The idea for Love’s Reckoning came from a snippet of research I discovered in the fabulous FOXFIRE books. These are how-to books about Appalachian life with interviews of old-timers, etc. One of the tradesmen therein spoke about apprentices marrying into the master tradesman’s family in early America. I found this intriguing and full of possibilities. What if the apprentice had to choose between not one daughter but two? What if he didn’t get along with the father/master? What if both sisters fell in love with him? That’s all the fire imagination needs…
8.    Do you have any book signings scheduled in the near future? My last signing was at the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. I don’t often do them but this was a great venue given the Christy Awards, etc.
9.    How can your readers reach you?  FB    WEB page  Publisher  Revell/Baker Publishing Group    e-mail
10.  Do you have any television or radio interviews scheduled that your readers or interested parties could tune into? Not at present though if that changes I’ll let you know. I did do a local radio show early on when my debut novel released which is probably still in the radio archives but I’m mortified even thinking of it now!
11.   Have you written articles or historic pieces, which would expand on the information of this time period? I have not but that’s always an interesting possibility.
12.  Would you like to see your books become movies? I think every author dreams of this. It’s really fun to think of who you’d cast as the principal actors and such.
13.  Is this novel available on audio?  I keep hoping but not yet! It will be available in Dutch and French, thankfully.
14.  I absolutely love Love’s Reckoning. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your journey writing this work of fiction? Love’s Reckoning went in an entirely different direction than I had planned so feel it has a unique readership in some respects, perhaps not the typical CBA audience. Soon after the book released, I was contacted by a Pennsylvania native/New York Times romance author who told me how much she enjoyed the book. She even presented the novel at a Pittsburgh book event where she was the keynote. I’ve been contacted by readers who have told me that Eden’s tragedy is their own and that the story brought healing. Looking back, there were a couple of things I wish I’d done differently as far as plot line and character development but now believe the book is written as it was meant to be written, flaws and all.
15.  What can we expect from the next Ballantyne Legacy book 2 available this fall? Love’s Awakening is a very different book! Some readers will be relieved but others might miss that almost dark, emotional intensity of the first. Ellie’s story does have its moments but it’s a lighter book in some respects, especially since we’re dealing with a happy family rather than a first class dysfunctional one.
16.  Who are other authors you enjoy reading? I am a huge fan of Liz Curtis Higgs and her Scottish historicals. Serena Miller is a fellow Revell author and friend whose books I cannot put down. She won the RITA last year – and with good reason! Actually I have so many authors I admire/read in the CBA that I’m afraid to name them all lest I leave one out. So I’ll just say Liz and Serena for starters J
17.  You have several other books in print. (The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, The Colonel’s Lady) Which one is your favorite book and why? Each of my books holds a special place for me. The Frontiersman’s Daughter is beloved because it has the most of my family heritage and history therein. Courting Morrow Little is a favorite because of the half-native hero, Red Shirt. I’ve always had a soft spot for Colonel McLinn and a man in Revolutionary War uniform so that takes care of The Colonel’s Lady. In Love’s Reckoning Silas swept me off my feet along with Eden. And in Love’s Awakening in which I explore the power of prayer in a small way, I love Ellie’s character.



Laura Frantz will use to pick a winner from the comments left on this post. She will then e-mail the winner to receive the address needed to send an autographed copy of “Love’s Awakening.” I wait in anticipation, wondering who will be our winner come this August 29, 2013! I wish to extend an early congratulations to the winner…who knows maybe it will be you….