Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pens of praise

Christian Writers Group 

Next meeting…

Saturday, September 14th  at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This will be the second Saturday of the month.  Disregard previous message. Plans changed to accommodate our usual meeting date.

To be held at…

Debby Erdmann’s Campsite

Cedar Valley Campground
N5098 Cedar Valley Rd.
Kewaunee, WI
Site# 89A

Stop at the office for directions to the campsite. Your $5 admission fee has been waived, in case they ask.
Lunch to follow. Debby will put on a nice meal for all of us since we have to drive so far. Please let Debby know if you are attending so that she will be able to plan the  menu.
Cedar Valley Campground is about 40 minutes from Manitowoc. The easiest way there is take Hwy. Q all the way to Hwy. 29. (Q turns into Manitowoc Rd. halfway.) At Hwy. 29 it's a T intersection. Turn right. Take Hwy. 29 to Cty. B. turn left. The campground is north of the B/C intersection.

During our September meeting, we will explore the benefits of using the Christian Writer’s Market and the Writer’s Market books for publication ideas and information. If you desire, bring poetry, short story, article, or novel ideas along to check the specifications for submission.

Joseph Lubega from Uganda will provide our devotion and we may be able to twist his arm and have him speak about the orphanage he represents! J

Our prompt for September is “Letter to the Editor.” You are not limited to any one newspaper. Our Herald Times Reporter will accept letters which are 300 or fewer words. Occasionally they will take a 600 words or less submission. You may submit online on their website 


  1. Hi Kim,,,, I just chose a photo from our Disney trip and put it on here! Oops!! Ha ha. Debby is going to surprise Joseph from Uganda and has not released the latest photos! :)

  2. Right now I plan on driving over for the meeting! It better be a good one . . . just kidding.

    1. Hi Chris! Haha! I sure hope that you can make it! So glad it is in reach you-- northern birdie you! I suppose I'd better get organizing how the lesson will go...I may just in list your help to. And I might not be kidding! Maybe!!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Jenny, yes I can't wait to see Debby's camp and hear Joseph - Papa Joseph is what the kids at the orphanage call him! We have the best meetings and people attending...I don't mean to brag....well maybe a little!! :)