Saturday, August 10, 2013


Pens of Praise Prompt 2013

Susan Marlene Kinney


I am the door. John 10:9 Jesus spoke these words because He knew His Identity. Forever and always He is our savior, brother, and friend. First and foremost, His is the Only Begotten Son of God. The list of His attributes would fill more than every book ever created. When I visualize Him as ‘The Door,’ I imagine His face radiant with love, extending the most important of invitations; the invitation to reside with Him forever. He stands beside an exquisite doorway, exotic wood gleams, showing off intricately carved holy visions, so fitting for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Yet, He beckons for us to share His wealth.

Treasure troves of perfectly flowing loving-kindness and trustworthy faithfulness abound for us just beyond the threshold. His presence is our all and all. We are complete in Him and Him alone. I remember the night I took His invitation seriously, when I realized who He was… His identity. Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life—my Savior. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest with emotions whirling strongly. This moment was so relevant to whom I would become. His powerful mercy took me by surprise and changed my identity in a flicker of a second. Now I’m His beloved, His friend, and a woman of value. Though I may not be anyone special in this world, because of Him I’ve become more than I’d hoped to be. I took that step onto His welcome mat decades ago and stepped through the entryway, my adoring arm looped through His. He gazes at me with the joy of who I will become and I found there is much to learn.  I’m growing day by day in knowledge about our relationship. He takes my breath away when I think of what He gave up to set me free from fear and insecurities and mistrust. Though I don’t fully walk in the liberty He provides, I’m releasing my grip on worthless bondage. I delight to see that He uses me to encourage or assist others, so that they can take His hand and follow His lead.

His pure and holy identity paid the price on Calvary’s tree so that I could have a fresh and clean identity. Everything good or pleasing I’ve done is because of Him. Always He encourages and leads me through valleys and mountaintop experiences, through waterfalls and spiritual droughts.

If you ask me who I am, I would have to say it depends on who’s viewpoint you see me from. Jesus delights in me and knows my future. He trusts in me though I’m imperfect and sometimes fearful. He calls me beautiful though some would think me old. He calls me sweet though some would think I’m difficult. My estimation of myself includes journeyer, sometimes scared, sometimes courageous, lover of the Lover of My Soul, imperfect but perfect in position and astonished by my Anchor and Bright Morning Star. I am His beloved believer and writer of precious truths and destinations He plots for our journey together. Who am I?

I am amazed.



  1. IDENTITY-------WOW!!!!! You moved me!!

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thank you so much! I appreciate that this post meant something to you! :) God is our all and all and as we identify with Him we are made more unique! :)

  3. So beautiful Susan and He is altogether lovely.
    Thank you for sharing!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

    1. Greetings Deborah! He is altogether lovely and powerful and everything more than we could hope or dream!! Blessings and joy!!