Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pampered Chef and the Girls Night Out!

Pampered Chef has a wonderful plan for the ladies of the house to enjoy a night out with the and chatting and laughing together!  It is NOT a Pampered chef party where you have the saleslady showing off product. In fact there are no salesladies present. I have one opinion and one alone for this idea. "Brilliant" these evenings are truly the creation of some master mind somewhere!

You see, the hostess plans and buys dinner for all ten ladies. (One month out of the year for each lady.)  Then the rest of us show up and pay $16.00 which the hostess uses to choose almost $160.00 of wonderful Pampered Chef products. (No I'm not a Pampered Chef saleslady!) The hostess is organized and has the recipes and ingredients out for all of us to use. So we get cooking....okay talking and laughing.....Awwwwweeee....eventually we get to the cooking and we use paper plates or plastic throw away plates....

Well,  I couldn't be more pleased with these evenings! Men can fish and hunt all they want, but a night out like this, cooking with my buddies, and eating a great meal, can't be compared to anything else!  Our lady, Jennifer Colchado, set us up with this wonderful, ideal program, and my friends and my daughter and I are bonding and loving our time together....not to mention the delicious foods as we all try to outdo one another in the kitchen....Just kidding!

It is all fun and fellowship for us girls! Jennifer has connected with us from Florida as we are enjoying ourselves from the wilds of Wisconsin! Thank you Jennifer! We appreciate you!!!!

Jennifer Colchado
Pampered Chef
Independent Consultant