Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome Back to the School Year

I work for the school district and I must say they are accommodating!  I so appreciate that 
our school district entertains us for our welcome back. I would have shared these 
photos of Lincoln's stage and the Blues Brothers Theme earlier but
it has been so very busy! 

I'm grateful for so many things about my job. I work with an excellent teacher and 
the staff at Lincoln is supportive too. The students know that the GED 02 Program
is there last chance for a high school diploma, so many of them who would
have dropped out end up graduating instead. We have around at least 80% or more
success rate! 

It is wonderful to work with such great people and to have fun while we are revving up
to go back to school each year. It puts a good spin on the challenges and 
opportunities that the new year will present. 

I'm grateful for my job and those who surround me. I hope that you are also! 
Gratitude makes life sweeter....
wouldn't you agree?