Friday, March 25, 2011

Calling All Cooks and Recipe Readers!

Greetings all of you who love to cook, read cookbooks or create in the kitchen! I admit I do not have the passion to read cookbooks and whip up kitchen creations as many women do. I admire you all greatly and love to taste your wares though! A group of ladies at my church, in my round table group, are planning a CookBook to raise funds for a local charity and our youth group. We are in the process of collecting recipes, finding out about the printing opportunities, and learning about general organization for our book. We have never tread this path before and are excited and a little apprehensive about it all. We are keeping our eyes on the goal ahead of us. Providing succulent recipes and uplifting thoughts to those who purchase the book. As well as providing for a local need. We are in the process of choosing a charity or local need. So I’m asking for your prayers. If you have a recipe you would love to share for our adventure do send them to me!! If you put your name or blog info on there we can include this in the book also. Bravo I say to those of you talented adventurous Queens or Kings of the Kitchen!! I send you a smile and a ton of gratitude!


  1. Hi, Susan!
    Happy to keep your cookbook project in prayer. Sounds like a fun thing to put together. You are welcome to any of my recipes on my recipe blog:

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Thank you so much Mary or Saleslady 371! I will make sure that you will have the credit with your blog address right under any recipes we use!! This is very generous of you! Our ladies do not have strong backs to do paint or do hard labor but to put this book that will encourage hear, spirit and tummy will be a pleasure. A lasting one!

  3. Hello Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love making new friends. I'll be keeping your cook book in my prayers. It sounds like a great project.

  4. Bonjour Susan,
    Thank you for your visit, now I have found your beautiful blog. What a great idea you have for the recipe book. I will think if I can submit anything.
    It is quite a process getting a book out. I have a magazine, and it was quite a learning process. Please let me know if you need any - uh, I won't say advice, but if I can pass along any of what I have learned it would be my pleasure.
    I'm a new follower and will be back again soon,

  5. Thank you Bernadine for your prayers!! Every prayer is welcome!! We shall need prayer for organization, fresh ideas, wisdom and of course great recipies and helpful hints! I loved your Blog! I will be back. :)

    Thank you Mimi. When I saw your blog I thought about my father. He took French but never spoke it in front of me! I think it is the most beautiful language! I just may ask for some advice!! Thank you much.

  6. What an awesome idea! I pray that God would richly bless all your endeavors...

  7. Sounds fun... I wish a was a better, more adventurous cook!

  8. Thank you girls!! My husband wishes I was an adventurous cook but I score 0 in imagination with seasonings!! I have my hubby season all that stuff!