Thursday, December 11, 2014

Playing at "Leading Ladies" Play With Some Friends!

A wonderful lady friend of mine, Harriett, invited a bunch of our friends to a play called Leading Ladies with The Masquers! This event was held at the Capital Civic Center on 8th Street in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Wednesday, November 13. What a  chilly night it was and so like any other fall evening until it turned magical by the warm humor and companionship of friends.

Harriett had made reservations for us at the Courthouse Pub. This restaurant has a great reputation for providing terrific meals and a wonderful atmosphere!  We gathered around a huge table and chatted and enjoyed our dinners until it was time to walk over to the Civic Center.

Crowds gathered at the entrance and moved inside slowly. This place is so…old and classy and historic looking that it takes my breath away each time I come to an event here.

After we entered the auditorium we fussed over who was going to sit where and – where were those seats anyway! LOL! Once the lights dimmed and the  play began we found it was loaded with humor and the actors and actresses gave it their all.

At the close of the evening we all shared smiles and the “I’m so glad we got together – we need to do it again sometime!” comments. It's great to feel genuinely comfortable and safe with those you hang out with.  Are you taking time with your friends? And are you sharing a moment to be entertained by an event together or sipping coffee at a coffee shop or sitting  across from someone’s kitchen table?

We all need interaction, conversation, and hugs don't we? I hope you will meet with your cherished friends soon!  Don't let too much time slip by! Have any ideas?


  1. It looks like such great fun! Happy holidays my friend! Hugs, Diane

    1. Thank you Lavender Dreamer! I hope your Christmas and Easter were the absolute best!