Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Car Show in Manitowoc!

I just love a good car show! I was told that these cars started in
Manitowoc and drove to Two Rivers for this event. When you consider the
time and expertise that went into fixing these beauties... 

When I was in high school my father bought me  a Grand Sport Convertible for $300.00.
 That car was like a Sherman Tank and could drive anywhere. I never had trouble
cruising on Pennsylvania roads in the winter...potholes and all!
Until I got a regular car -- the newer and improved version-- I didn't understand why
people spun off the side of the road or couldn't climb an icy hill.
Or drive down one without sliding...

But, I'd not want to pay for the gas that car would eat up these days. What a shame when
it was rear-ended and the back was crushed. This happened when I was parked
in a parking lot and it was the first dusting of snow.
But that is another story!
I really love older cars. The style and class and workmanship
they put into these modes of transportation is amazing!

If I could have my pick of all of these, it would be this green car!
I'm sorry I don't know what it's called...I just like it!
My son-in-law and Aria like this one!

But I think Aria and I would settle for this one!
Enjoy your family, make some memories and laugh a lot!


  1. I love old cars too. My first car was a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice. We could fit four people comfortably across the bench seat of the front seat. It got such bad gas mileage that when I had the air-conditioning on (a rare luxury in those days), you could watch the gas gauge go down. Oh, what fun times those were!!

    1. Hi Chris! Oh I know they sure were gas guzzlers! My car sat so low and our street sort of bent off the main highway that my bottom would scrape! I got accused of joy riding my car by the muffler man! But, nope I was just running to work and school - not bouncing around in fields. What was that man thinking - girls like to shop! :)