Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This summer event lasted for a week. We enjoyed skits, prayer walks, 
bible stories, songs and crafts! I was impressed by
the kids. They are talented and precious.
They also really enjoyed the interaction with 
grateful hearts! 

We lavished love on this friendly puppy for one day. And praised the Lord each day!
Have you ever heard about the Flipper Flapper? Well, this was my
first experience with learning and using it. I don't have it 
pictured here so no--you are not crazy or blind! :)

What a lively group and I'm so thankful for Patty B. and her help! All the 
helpers were so amazing! We needed each helper and
their special talents and smiles.

When it was all said and done...Jesus was there. He was there the whole time.
The Lord granted us great weather. In spite of the rain last week,
we didn't have the deluge during our events. Every time we 
had a need for a person, a craft item, water or batteries...
they were supplied. 

Also, physical healing and emotional encouragement took place.
All in His name... the name of Jesus!


  1. I'm so glad that it went well. God bless all those kids.

  2. Yes, God was amazing and the kids a blessing! May He continue to bless and keep them on track with Him! :)