Friday, August 14, 2015

Volunteering - What's So Good About It?

Volunteering ..could it be for you or me?

Do you have some extra time on your hands lately? Are you feeling lonely,
purposeless and adrift?

Let's think about volunteering for a moment.
 Their is a list of reasons scrolling across my mind that support finding that 'special 
something' you can do and that matches your very own interests. Considering the possibilities...
how would you feel about investing your time in the lives of children or elderly
in your community? How about historical places or the library? 

You have a special talent or interest that makes your heart sing. 
What would that be? Cooking, artwork or crafts?
How about writing, singing, music or maybe you have the gift of gab? Okay, that 
is enough know what interest you have pursued during
your day to day... or maybe it has been hidden away dormant 
and it waits to be expressed and developed. 

Volunteering isn't just for the other guy...I believe you will find fulfillment and your
interests and the skills that you enjoy will be beautified and
most importantly...shared with grateful hearts.

I challenge you this day to find someplace new..
a place that will encourage your
heart to sing a new tune!

Volunteer and strengthen and connect with your community!
And I dare you to tell me about it! 


  1. How true. Everyone has a few hours a week, everyone has special gifts which someone else would benefit from. It doesn't cost you any money. It only costs you your time. So many people say that don't have time to volunteer, but I don't have time to sit on my couch watching mindless TV every night.

    Spread the word! Volunteer!

    1. Hi Chris! I so agree. Though we do need time to sit and relax to. We don't want to encourage burn out but there are so many interesting people to meet and assist that ....well people don't think about what they are missing by not volunteering! Thanks for your comment!