Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sauerkraut & Jelly Jam

Did you ever taste the delectable delicacy of sauerkraut topped with jelly jam?  Yum – what – yuck! That’s right, how awful would that be!  Even I don’t wish to imagine the combination!  Why – you ask- would I mention such a concoction and get your stomach churning?  Well, when you think about criticism and judgment that are delved out, by us— oh no never us— or others, it’s just about that tasty. Have you ever been misjudged or criticized by others that don’t have the facts, or those that have not thought too deeply about your situation?  Or worse yet, have you criticized another and not comprehended what their situation entailed?  Jesus understands those criticized and those that have delved it out.  His grace covers all. Leave it at His wonderful cross that paid for every sin imaginable. Even those that taste as delicious as sauerkraut and jelly jam.  Now, get busy and be loving even in line for the perfect gift.  Even if the last one gets snatched up right before you get to it!  Rejoice in Him and remember that He loves you and is there for you always……

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