Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gloria Biffert A Missionary Who Made Me Smile And a Note From Me

Gloria Bifert is a missionary to the Democratic Republic of Congo. What an amazing life she leads!  She gripped our emotions, when she spoke at our church, in every possible way, as she told us of a people who’s hospitality would put us to shame. What a generous people she serves and yet the Congo can be such a dangerous place also. Her life is filled with the important connections that will always matter….even in eternity.  Do check out her blog at This is a woman who’s passion burns for the salvation of friends she hasn’t met yet. May God bless and keep her and those He has her minister to now and forever! Amen
Just a note to tag along with my thoughts on Gloria…. Life has been so busy and full! Work, Pens, my novel, family, and Porschea our perfect puppy, along with Christmas preparations has put me on my tippy toes with to-do’s!  I’m sure it is the same for everyone this time of year. Sometimes the tinsel and trimmings and activities bulldoze us over till we are too exhausted to think. But we do need to stop and reflect about our great, almighty Savior. How blessed we are to do so.   How wonderful that church is actually on Christmas day this year!

I’m itching for more time to write and I plan on making use of the week off at Christmas time. A friend of mine, Becky McLafferty, and I are writing and exchanging manuscript pages as fast as our little fingers can type and ah re-type. Well, also as time allows! When you work full time, there is such a huge chunk of the day that you cannot possibly touch with writing time. Ideas are falling into my mind concerning the contemporary I’m currently writing. This book is about a child’s abduction.  Also ideas are brimming over for the next book in the series. I jot those ideas down before they escape my notice completely. Information is falling into place for a historical my sister is helping me research. I am fascinated with the late 1800’s, how about you? I will only jot down the ideas for the other stories as they pop into my head for now. I refuse to get into writing the other novels since I am determined to finish my contemporary first.  Those ACFW CD-Roms share such exquisite teachings and they have been the inspiration for many of the rewrites I’ve dived into this past year.

My daughter and I took our puppies to the dog park and they had a fantastic time. We had such a quiet night afterwards! The puppies dreamed away the night with visions of puppy toys to steal from one another and smaller dogs to chase. Of course they would not purposely dream about the two Irish Wolf Hounds that ran alongside them and were head and shoulders above the  rest of the crowd.  My 105 pound puppy looked dwarfed beside them. I have to admit I love the fur and the build on my Leonberger far better than the impressive Irish Wolf Hounds!  

Can you believe I misplaced my mouse? Goodness I’m having to write this and make corrections with just my mouse pad on the computer! I am almost frustrated!  Ho hum, well I wish you all a very exceptional and wonderful night. Maybe you will cozy up with a book or watch a favorite movie or pray. I wish you a restful and eventful night.

Blessings and joy! 


  1. Great update.
    Sounds like you are handling all your inspirations perfectly for now.
    May you have a super-productive week off of work.
    Blessings and joy to you, too.

  2. Gloria sounds like an amazing person! I will check out her blog.
    Blessings, Joanne