Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Wonderland in WI

The Christmas tree is a view from my writers room. Winter has finally come to town this week in Wisconsin. Big fluffy flakes dressed up the skies and yards as I was driving home from work yesterday! Porschea, our perfect puppy, is ecstatic. She thinks we special ordered the weather just for her. You keep thinking that baby girl!
Zoey, the perfect cat, needs to get into the word lately. She sits and looks outside whining and fussing in full blown complaint. I will have to remind her to be content in all things!
She actually hissed at the laser beam when we played today...she has never done that before!
Meow...Okay..I'm not translating...actually I don't know how to....
I fell this past Wednesday and suspected a possible broken knee cap. I'm grateful to announce that I was only bruised deeply. Of course I walk around like Igor cause thought it looks like 'nothing' it feels like something else! I'm avoiding steps and packing my leg in ice. If I run out of ice, I can always pack my leg in snow or go outside and make snow angles. My hubby offered for us to do that last night! I turned him down though! I was buried beneath my computer and an ice pack. Porschea was looking for an active play mate so I stayed still and boring! It is safer that way!

I couldn't resist placing this photo here also. I love how snowy evergreens photograph. Plus my camera isn't the best. Oh, if I could have only captured how the trees looked last night, all weighed down with a couple of inches of snow. It seemed like the very night was lit up and sparkling. But you have to use your imagination for that image. Keep warm and safe! Spring is around the corner... I hope!


  1. Isn't the snow beautiful? My dog loves it too, and the cats? Not so much. We got 18 inches of the white stuff this week. The forecast promises me that it will be melting soon.

  2. Oh Chris, tis beautiful but I'm so glad that you got the 18 inches instead of us!! :) Even with the I think 4 inches we got we have branches broken on some of our trees. My hubby has been great to clear the snow. Enjoy!!

  3. Snow is beautiful...but are you looking forward to spring? {smile}

  4. Hi Treasures Evermore! I think I could be quite happy to not have snow ever again. Oh to live in spring and summer weather the rest of my life--it would be grand!! Flowers,sunshine, friendly insects, birds
    tweeting .....Awe!! :)

  5. Hi Susan,
    These photos brought a smile to my face. It never snows here but I think it looks so beautiful in the photos.
    Stay warm,

  6. Hi Bernadine, yes I love to take photos of the snow but I don't like the ice. I fell last week and it has taken me a week for my knee to feel normal again! Enjoy your sunshine!