Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I just uploaded over 400 photos from my camera and skipped the part when I'm supposed to place a title on the file name.  Multitasking is not always the best activity to accomplish when shifting photoes from your camera to your computer. I'm thankful that Gina Jensen from Everything.Photos will be fixing me up and helping me organize my batch of very unorganized photoes!! Ho hum. The new program I'm purchasing from her will be ready for sale in September. 
Can I wait that long!!!
I've been so busy living life and taking - that many photos - that I've not blogged for a while. I have so many events to share...Now I'm not sure I will find the photos from those events anytime soon. I've got a word count to attend to for the American Christian Fictian Writers (ACFW) NovelTrack. Just 10,000 this month. I did make my 20,000 goal last month. I'm sure that is because my youngest daughter had my grandsons stay at her house over night for that week and a half. Because of her hospitality I was able to write in the mornings.  Also I wish to thank all of you who have prayed for me for God's inspiration and for me to have what I need to write such as: time, ideas, focus...God is good!!
Well, I'm off to take care of my word count for the day. I wish you more organization and a ballance of thrills and peace to warm your day. Oh the photo above is one I took of my precious Lake Michigan. It was one of the million photos I look at this morning, while trying to find the current photos.
Blessings to you from Sue

Gina M. Jensen is a Photographer & Photo Consultant. Check out her web page


  1. I take a lot pictures too. I try to put them on the computer and label them every single night. But I worry that I will run out of space on my laptop for all of the pictures. I try to delete some of them, but they are all like my little babies.
    Good luck with the word count. I wrote a chapter on my WIP last night and it was really good, if you don't mind me bragging. It was the chapter in the middle of the book where everything kind of swings the other way. You know what I mean? The chapter that takes your breath away and makes you not want to put the book down. OK, maybe not that good. Maybe it still needs a lot of work.
    See you soon at Green Lake.

  2. Hi Chris! Yes I've always been more careful than I was yesterday! I had great plans to do another fiction book report or use a photo from the numerouse places I've been this month! I'll get to it though! I am so excited for you!! When you know what needs to be written look out world! Here it comes. Looks like Cal is off Green Lake week but I'm going to still try to attend! :)

  3. I love taking lots of photos, too. And it sure is hard to stay balanced....there are so many interesting things to do and you have to decide how to spend your time!

  4. Taking photos is so much fun! Organizing them isn't always.

  5. Hi Lavender Dreamer! I got crazy taking photos when we took our grandsons out to dinner...I took a photo of the foam soap in my hand!! The hubby said I took taking pictures way too far on that one! Life is filled with interestng persuits for sure...how could anyone be bored!!

  6. Hi Splendid Little Stars...you are so right. Just the thoughs of taking those photos piled up in files in my puter gets my knees shaking! Such an undertaking. That is why I'm waiting for Gina's updated program to be available. I'll need all the help I can get. (A a day to focus without inturuption!)