Saturday, December 8, 2012


Our Pens meeting was wonderful again! I'm amazed at the tallent represented in our small group. This month we dug into "The Fire In Fiction" byDonald Maass and explored stripping the work in progress selection of all description and then building it up again a couple times with different points of view.
Here is our devotion for December....
Christmas 2012
Tear It Down & Build It Up
@Susan Marlene Kinney
Oh no! Look at the snow splattered on the ground…And I’ve got somewhere to go! Well thank goodness that sneaky old Jack Frost didn’t have the chance to paint my car windows with ice unawares.
Oh wonderful! Snow laces the landscape in the most delightful way! I can’t wait to slip into my car and zoom around town…carefully…to see all the wonders of a frost covered creation. Jack Frost is the most talented artisan, and I love the surprises he creates.
Sometimes the Lord Our God, Creator, Author of Our Faith, Deliverer, Redeemer and Lover of Our Souls etc. etc. uses mysterious, creative ways to tear down the negative in our lives to create wondrous fresh points of view. It’s as though we can be writing from the valley or the mountaintop or somewhere in between even if we are observing the same situation. Our opinions or points of view when we look at life, people, and God matter and do influence others. More than we may think. Jesus didn’t have to be born in a stable to expand His point of view. He made that choice for us. He enlarges our steps under us. He prospered our joy and love in incredible ways by making Himself available in the weirdest way (born in a stable)
– my perspective.
But most effective way.
Let’s walk tight to his side and learn of Him as we step into 2013. May we gaze at this life and our loved ones from His perspective. May we write each day as though we don’t have another one left –may we offer all we encompass on the written page for those who come after….





  1. It looks like a good time was had by all. I love the treats!

  2. Hi Chris, we all did enjoy the activity and I was surprised at the tallent our writers showed when writing for only a few minutes!! We loved the food also! What a blessing Kathy Leist is for making all of that!