Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Matter of POV

When you look at these photos, you see completely different trees. So often in our lives we may experience pain or loss which can cut us off at our knee caps. We may feel as though there is no reason to go on, keep living, or trying. Under closer inspection you will see that these trees are the same tree. The first photo shows that at one point in its life everything green and life giving was cut off, leaving only the trunk.  What possible purpose could this tree serve? But, when you back up you can admire the branches and new life springing forth from the hopelessly maimed trunk. Purpose springing forth with abandon! Green leaves are again reaching forth toward the sunshine! The kiss of rain drops cleanse those leaves making them shine as though nothing happened at all. Life renewed, fresh, and thrilling in the glory of His sunshine. Leaves dance in the wind….once again…

Okay everyone, tomorrow I should have some time that I can empty out my camera so that I can take a photo or two of my new writers room!!  See you tomorrow!!


  1. I am feeling today the way this post starts.
    Thank you for putting a glimmer of hope back into me.

  2. Hi Deb C. I'm so pleased that you saw this post. I've been thinking about posting it for months but didn't realize I hadn't down loaded the photos! I kept looking, where did those photos go anyhow!! I feel it is an important message and I thought maybe people would miss it since I posted my writers room photos. Leaves and life will gradually prosper once again. Each day holds purpose! Hold onto the hope!