Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer Project Accomplished - Blogging Begins!

Well then, it has been a while since I left you a note!  So sorry. It has been such a busy month. I thought I would get so much writing done over Christmas break but instead I finished a summer project. A summer project you may ask? Yes! My husband told me on Christmas day that I could pick out my office furniture for my writers room.

Oh joy of joys! The entire week I plastered and smoothed walls and prepared the room in every way. I wasn’t sure about the color I wanted to go with so I kidnapped my daughter Vanessa and asked her to search through a myriad of colors and paint techniques with me. We started by picking paint swatches and a carpeting swatch sampler.

There is golden wood paneling on just one wall. It is amazing how many paint swatches looked pitiful alongside this wood. We narrowed down the colors I would be choosing from in about five minutes.

Funny how lighting or lack thereof in a room can change your mind. Surprising how the effect of peculiar light from the room in question can ruin your mood if you act hasty and paint an untried color next to a finicky paneling.

Soon after I primed the walls I chose my color. (With a little arm twisting from Vanessa! Ha ha just kidding.) It is a golden tan which complements the wood so well. We found carpet at Dalton Carpeting which I love. This carpeting has several colors blending to achieve the effect it delivers. Actually there are some golden flecks mingled in with the brown and tan, which is not obvious unless you have your nose to the floor. Okay, I didn’t lie there long! The effect is subtle, warm, and inviting.

Needless to say I hurried and painted the walls while Dalton’s ordered and waited for my carpet to arrive. On Tuesday my hubby and I went shopping in Green Bay and found the perfect office furniture set at Furniture Row. I found the fake marble-looking table desk and file cabinets with bookcases on sale! Now that really made my day.

I had some waiting to do, for the furniture, after the painting was done and the carpet was installed.  Finally my furniture did arrive. As the movers lugged the furniture to the office room my concern grew. Apparently shopping for furniture was similar to shopping for Christmas trees.  One doesn’t really realize the size of the tree until one pulls said tree into the house.  I ran to the room to observe the damage. The movers had placed the book case on top of the file cabinet and ….it fit! Whew!

Once they were gone I moved quickly to sort and arrange my space. Research and writer’s books as well as my printer and great-grandma’s quilt fit into the spots awaiting their presence wonderfully well.  I have my George s. Gaadt posters thanks to my brother, the serenity prayer, and the names of Jesus hanging on the walls!  My lovely calendar is in place thanks to my sister.  My Victorian floor lamp stands tall and reliable next to my desk.  Sentimental mementos adorn the shelves in the small space allowed by the books.  An anniversary picture of my hubby and me rests on my desk.  All that is left for me to finish to complete the rooms preparation is pick  to curtains and rods.

I’m sitting here in a state of wonder, excitement is pulsing through my very veins. This is my space, love and loveliness surround me.  I’m eager to learn and tap the keys to find adventure page after page….


  1. Oh, what joy (and anticipation and apprehension) you must have been feeling.
    This sounds so exciting!
    Would you post photos?
    I love to see artistic workspaces.

  2. Yes, please post some pictures. I still vacillate between three different rooms in my house to do my writing. I keep thinking that if I would just entrench myself in one, I might be more productive. Congratulations on your new room!

  3. Congratulations! My computer is in a little corner in the kitchen. My wife says she is going to move it because I am eating too much. I could move it but I like the smell in the kitchen.

  4. How brilliant. Your new writing space sounds wonderful.

  5. Hi All, I will aim to post photos next week. The reason is that my pictures in my puter are a mess and I looked for some really cool photos to post here and...couldn't find them. My camera is FULL but I know those photos are there so I don't want to erase the memory card! Plus I don't have curtains yet!! It is great having everything at my fingertips!Production here I come!!

  6. Welcome back and congrats on your writing room. It sounds like you've turned it into the perfect writer's retreat.

  7. Susan, I think you need to post a photo of this gorgeous new writing room! I'm jealous. :)

  8. Hi Everyone and Renee! I still can't find the photos I need to make a certain post I want! My photos are a mess. :( I will play with my photos from my camera either tonight or tomorrow! Thank you all for asking!!