Tuesday, May 22, 2012

April and May - Months to Remember

Greetings all!

April and May have been extremely busy! Debby Erdmann’s The Inside Scoop on God’s  book sighing was absolutely wonderful!  Debby was the perfect hostess and book signer! Jenn’s Java was filled with excitement and the hum of the cappuccino machines! One couple traveled from Marquette MI, to Manitowoc, WI to purchase some of her devotion books and they were not disappointed!  

I’ve been working on two WIP (Work in Progress) manuscripts and enjoying every moment of my writing adventures. Suzie May Warren’s and Rachel Hauck’s Deep and Wide and Inside Out as well as Michael Hauge & Christopher Vogler’s DVD’s on the Hero’s 2 Journeys have become my close companions. I’ve been applying the plotting techniques and enjoying the results. When I say it is an adventure to write – it really is! I’m even enjoying  the plotting and story in movies more because I can appreciate the plot strategies and twists and turns.

Porschea our—perfect Leonberger puppy— accomplished her bandit techniques and stole some dried out thistles I had placed on the table. She leaves the items on the table alone but of course had to go after the thistles! She was sick the next day throwing up and mopping around. As soon as I got off work I put her 125 pounds in the car and took off for the vet’s. He was gracious and available and was able to look her over. She was fine in his estimation but he gave her some pills and a shot and then recommended a mild dog food for a few days. She LOVED  the food because it was can food. Yep, she is spoiled now and kibble is the less desirable menu option. She and I are enjoying our walks and play once again. We are getting back on track day by day with TLC! 

Well I’ve run on long enough. I have two months worth of stories to tell and I would really rather hear about yours!! What say you?????

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