Saturday, June 16, 2012


Pens of Praise Prompt

May 8, 2010   © Susan Marlene Kinney  & June  9, 2012

Treasure.  What comes to mind when you hear that word?  Could it be buried treasure from pirate lore?  Stacks of gold and precious jewelry piled in an ornate trunk and hidden in a cave on some unknown island, which has been cloaked with mystery for decades. Could your specific treasure be a nice fat bank account in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands where our government cannot tax the total?  As I contemplated what I could consider my treasure to be, I was struck with the simplicity and splendor of my ideal treasure.

At first numerous ideas poured through my mind as I dug through the unlocked volts of remembered treasures—there were many to consider.  Maybe it was not such a wonderful trait to be so grateful for everything since it complicated my life at the moment. I needed just one treasure to write about for this prompt. My heart pounded when I realized the time was past 7:30 this morning already and I needed to be at our writers group at 10:00.  Then I landed on the perfect treasure to share with you.

The treasure of “Moments Shared “seemed to bear a common thread throughout all the people, places, and memories I’ve valued so dearly. Yes, memories shared with God, family, friends, and pets.  There have been priceless quiet moments while I studied Gods word or saw impossible situations changed by prayer.  Loving moments with a dog, cat or bird who had wormed their way into my heart. Encouraging friends who told me they prayed for me and mine when I had never told them my great need. Family who live with me and love me still. Treasures, yes one and all were treasures and I didn’t know which one to pick until I realized that they were all moments shared.  Fabulous moments shared with those who have passed from this life and those who are very constant in my life now.  The day to day attention and love the Lord shares with others and with me.  Yes my valued treasure is moments shared and I’m grateful for the ones I’ve shared with you!


  1. What a beautiful post. I felt good just coming on to your blog with the name and the beautiful background. Thanks for visiting...I hope you'll come again. I love making new friends!

  2. Hi Lavender Dreamer!! I will definately visit you on your blog! I love getting to know my blogging friends. The beautiful hearts, minds, and tallents they all share takes my breath away! I choose to look at your blog because the name lovely and fragarence Lavenders share - wonderful! I had to take a peek and I'm so glad that I did!