Friday, October 19, 2012

Pens of Praise and Porschea the Perfect Pooch

Our very own Deborah Ann Erdmann who this year published "The Inside Scoop on God"
had a tussle with the wind and rain on her way into our Pens writers meeting! Thanks for comming Deborah! You kind of remind me of the flying nun show! (That show
was a really long time ago.)

Kathy Leist made the most wonderful pumpkin and dessert and chocolate
cookies! And she sighned up to make next months treats also! You rock Kathy!!
Thanks a million!

Porschea the perfect puppy had to taste the water on top of the table
after she played in the leaves! Cooler weather brings out all kinds of energy and curiousity
in our girl.

Dad is almost done with the fencing and Porschea is ready to run around the
yard chain free! Let's hope Zoey will realize the puppy will be loose!
That's all for now everyone. I've got to get back to writing the Great American Novel!!
Porschea has a part in this book and I'm eager to finish the story. It's been
fun writing her antics into the story. Weaving her puppy tricks and
irrestable personality into the plot!



  1. what a darling pooch! i'm intrigued by your
    great american novel!

  2. Greetings myletterstoemily!! Porschea is spirited, loving and hold on to your hat if she sees a bunny on a walk!! Ha ha. She is VERY smart and can be trained!! She is the best dog I've ever walked. :) Actually I'm writing a woman's fiction and LOVE the journey! My goal is to finish first draft in November and scare up a proposal for an agent!

  3. Yes, Porschea is the perfect puppy! and she gets more beautiful every time I see her picture.
    Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? They have a website that explains it better, but basically November is write a novel month, and they challenge every writer who signs up to write so many words a day to reach that goal of having a first draft of a novel. If I meet all my other deadlines by November 1, I want to try it with my novel.

  4. Sue, I love this background! I can't wait until your book comes out and gets to be displayed here!

    (Love that picture of Porschea in the leaves. I'm sure she's really enjoying romping around the yard!)

  5. Hi Deborah Ann!! Yes Lighthouse Christian Bookstore has such a nice atmosphere and oh the friendlyness and selection!I'm thrilled that you had such a wonderful time there!! I'm eager to have a book signing there too. I'm aiming to get-er-done by end of November! Porschea is LOVING the back yard especially when we play ball or she can chase Zoey!! :)

  6. HI Chris, yes NanoWriMo is a wonderful experinece. I did my 50,000 words in November about five years ago. I have the certificate printed out. Once you reach your goal of 50,000 you code them and send them in and bita-bing you get to print out their certificate!! Fun! If your doning that - Enjoy!