Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thomas Jefferson's MONTICELLO

Gentle fresh air, birdsong and the green of spring welcomed us as my sister and I swung our car doors wide to begin our visit at Jefferson’s precious Monticello. No wonder he loved this haven, which still is unspoiled and tucked away from the world and strife. A place he and his lovely wife and family could enjoy and flourish. His love for studying new inventions and reading books thrilled my heart. In fact his, “I cannot live without books.” is the quote written on my new mouse pad. It is a worthy saying that I can relate to and appreciate all the days of my life!
We began our tour by watching the movie informing us about Jefferson’s life and facts about Monticello.
Then we climbed the steps to board the bus for the short drive to Monticello...


Our tour guide was patient, informative and quite interesting. He answered our questions and kept us moving along at a very pleasing pace.

   My very favorite rooms were the hall, the parlor, dining room and tea room. Monticello's cellar passage lead to a museum, which we enjoyed. What a wonderful step back into a time so different from our own. It was all glorious and well maintained. Truely lovely.
I had never considered what grief and troubles Jefferson and his family had suffered. Nor his intellegence and zest for life and inventions. Thomas Jefferson was not a perfect man, but he was an interesting one. He was inportant in the formation of the government that we enjoy now. The information provided via film and tour guide gripped my interest and altered my opinion of the Colonial era forever. I just about whistle when I think of how we almost missed this visit altogether.
Monticello was a stop off on our way to Williamsburg and not our main focus. I considered excluding this from my plans, but Terry and Cyndie Rhodes, friends of mine, urged me to include it in my agenda for studying Colonial times. If I had a choice of whether to visit again or not...I would and I'd include the visits to the gardens and the gravesites. I would linger longer and savor the peace and beauty of this wonderful piece of history preserved for our inspection.

 If your looking for a friendly, interesting and benificial place to visit I urge you to consider Monticello.  I think you will be glad that you did. I know we were!


  1. Great pictures. I was at Monticello when I was just a kid. I don't remember much, but I do remember his love of inventions.

  2. Greetings Chris! I took a photo of one of his creations that I want Cal to figure out and make for me. I is a book stand which holds maybe four or five books open at a time! It is like a lazy Susan and can turn! Oh I definitely want one!! :)

  3. Lovely post. I was at Monticello in 2003. Amazing place!

    1. Greetings Crown of Beauty! I'm grateful that my friends told me about this stop. My sister and I enjoyed it. It was already beautiful but I'm sure as spring rolls in more strongly it will be breathtaking! God is good and surrounds us with such beauty! :)