Monday, May 5, 2014


After my sister and I left the superb elegance of Monticello, Virginia we drove almost another two hours to a charming bed-and-breakfast called Magnolia Manor in Williamsburg, Virginia. With the Garmin as our navigator, we had no difficulty finding our bed-and-breakfast at the corner of Richmond Road and Dillard. We had driven all day, so both of us were weary and eager to relax in the comfort of our room.

We entered through the back door and we were immediately impressed by the charming d├ęcor. A fireplace rested to our right and an elongated table stretched out before us. A doorway opened to our left, which led into a public living room. There was another fireplace and cozy couches and refreshments of coffee, cookies, and water available to those visiting. Also, books lounged in bookcases for those thirsty of mind. We then followed the steps to our room, which was called the Gardenia Suite.
As we pushed open the door and could not have been more pleased!
I just experienced a victory sweet reader! Yes, I figured out how to get a photo from my email to the photo file, so that I could apply it to this blog post! If you knew me, you would realize what a grand victory that is indeed! Originally, I had planned to point you to the WEB  page where you could see the fireplace photo displayed. Magnolia Manor's webpage.


The bed was  huge and enviable since it was the type you hope to find at the end of a weary journey.   We've never experienced a more comfortable mattress on a vacation. There was an actual stepstool which could be used to climb onto that tall mattress and when we spied it we laughed out loud! Truth be told we both agreed that if we had only stayed in these rooms for the duration it would have been a very pleasant visit indeed!

Our host prepared wonderful breakfasts and all the visitors sat together at the long table in the dinning area. Each morning we met and  conversed with new visitors. People from California, New York, West Virginia, Virginia and maybe a couple of other locations also seemed quite happy with their rooms and care.

If I were asked if I would ever revisit the Magnolia Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn in Williamsburg, VA I would heartily agree!

Magnolia Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn
700 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Scott and Jennifer


  1. Very nice review Suzy-Q!!! I am in total agreement, on all counts.

    1. Thank you Anonymous!! I do love this place, so comfortable and cozy a place to stay! :)