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Holy Tales ~Pens of Praise Devotion

Holy Tales ~Pens of Praise Devotion

By Susan Marlene Kinney

May 19, 2014


My heart is overflowing with a good theme; recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1


It has been said that to copy someone is the highest form of a complement. By this, I believe, such attentiveness can show how much we esteem and venerate those we mimic. But sometimes we just miss the mark, get off track, and don’t copy well enough.

We are so much like God our Creator in our desire to spin out fabulous art and story. My goodness we were created in His image; but sometimes we copy what He expresses with a different emphasis in mind.

Fairy Tales, for instance, the few I’ve read, mimic the royalty and abundant, limitless riches many of us long for. These stories provide the impression that the damsel in distress is more beautiful, thus worth to be loved then the rest of those living in fairytale land. The prince views the incredible beautiful of Thumbelina or Sleeping Beauty or Cinderwench, {known as Cinderella.} and the prince is head-over-heals in LOVE with ‘her’ before their first conversation begins. Thumbelina even garners a marriage proposal from the King at their first meeting.

Thankfully, those tales gave the heroines nice personalities to match their uncommon beauty. I can’t get past thinking about the dirt caked under Cinderwench’s nails, calluses on her hands….But what about the rest of us? Where is my fairy god mother? Where is yours? Those lacking in the perfect completion, body shape, or favor…none of which we can be given any credit for or create—we can only alter a tad here or there and enhance by good grooming. Fairy Tales spark that awe in us and lead us right off track into carnal land. A land where those riches or favor are not obtainable, except for a few. These stories are not feasible or realistic. But the good news is that we have the call and the inspiration and the reality to write Holy Tales. They can inspire and make known the actual limitless love, forgiveness, grace, protection…..I believe you’re getting what I’m referring to now.

All these truths and qualities that relate others to our God.

Anyone up for writing a new genre?

Instead of locking insecurity and impossibilities inside our children’s minds with their early introduction to story, why don’t we inspire the realization of the obtainable excellence of growing in His grace, truth and relationship? Reward for being the person He destined us to be is real. He will watch over His word to perform it concerning us.  In God’s eyes everyone is important. We are loved and venerated by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We are made in His image! We need not settle for stories focused on carnal pleasures and unfulfilled dreams. We need only to fall in love with Him and follow His lead. The world looks for something tangible, materialistic, with strut-quality and don’t forget instant. Selfishness, greed, feeling entitled without working on a relationship with God or surrendering to Him seems to rule the day. Only when He rules our hearts will we know true and lasting joy. Are you willing to position your pen in the direction of Holy Tales to inspire young minds to follow Him into their true, obtainable



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