Saturday, June 14, 2014

Posting & Planning

Future posts…oh yes, I have so many in mind! Sometimes time is my opposition and challenge it seems.  Or, maybe my choices and lifestyle make ‘time’ my scapegoat for not getting more writing done?  I’m sure that some of you may relate to that also. I actually want to divvy up my subject matter though.  I wish to expand and contribute to one of my favorite subject passions….Leonbergers. Mine particularly. J  Porschea the Perfect Puppy has been such a loving distraction for my hubs and myself. I wish to add photos…experiences, and just plain old dog info for all my dog lovers out there!

Next ,I have to have a blog just for writing and devotions. I’d even like to include prayers that I pray or those I find that are inspired and inspiring. I’m also quite passionate about encouraging writers to write. You may have noticed this in my postings for our Pens of Praise Christian Writers Group. Discouragement is rife among the creative. But take heart….God smiles at our tenaciousness to follow that urge, dream, or some may call it their muse to express and encourage or entertain. For me, including a message with something the reader can take away is VIP.

And last but not least I wish to include a blog which is all about travels—mine and those I dream about. I’ll also include historical facts and important time periods that would be of interest to me... and who knows…maybe to you also. I certainly need to write more about our Disney trip and Williamsburg, VA! There are other places I can write about, come to think of it.

Those Tea Time Girl and sense of community events will also find their home here too.

The photo up above was taken yesterday when my hubby and I visited Calumet County Park in Hilbert, WI. I believe I will place this photo on my FB cover for all to see. Ha ha I just snuck away from this page and did that! I love to snatch some beauty to share with you when I’m on an outing!

Well, I’m feeling freer and more creatively inspired already. Having my blog being sooo dispersed among various subjects that I’m interested in has bound me up. Now, new ideas are popping inside my head…thoughts and views to share with you!!!!!!!!  I must pace myself though. My contemporary novel is almost completed with my last rewrites. I’m thrilled and always long to finish that precious-to-me work-in-progress or (WIP) as we writers call it! I’m chomping on the bit to organize and categorize my photos and information gleaned from the Williamsburg trip. Then it will be time to outline the historical I’ve had brooding in my heart! It will come in its time, as I live and work and write it all down. J I hope you will be patient with me as I orchestrate these changes. I’ve had you all in mind for so long …desiring to reorganize my blog into blogs that will allow you to find that take-away you came to find! 


  1. Just don't wear yourself thin. I try to post to two blogs a couple times a week and it seems sometimes that that is all I am doing. Most important - do what you enjoy and don't put any pressure on yourself to do it all.

  2. Thanks Chris! That is why I've put it off so long! I still want to keep enough time to visit your blog nand others too! ;)

  3. I'm stopping by to say Hello! I hope you're having a good summer so far. It's a busy time for everyone and I look forward to hearing from you! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Greetings dear Lavender Dreamer! It is always a pleasure to see you here. I tried to post a reply to you before but my house puter is giving me fits and didn't publish it! LOL! I have a finger opperation today. The Dr. has to take out a broken piece and reattatch the tendon. I'll be by to visit your blog soon! :) It is always a pleasure to visit you!