Saturday, July 9, 2011

Knotty Problems and Imagination

Knotty Problems and Imagination

© Susan Marlene Kinney

Pens of Praise Christian Writers Group

July 9, 2011

To love Him with all your heart, and all your understanding and all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.  Mark 12:33

Knotty problems are all around us. They trip us up with those little irritations, temptations to ignore situations, or weightier matters of the heart and mind. This morning as I lay in bed I considered the pen and its link to knotty problems and imagination. I pictured a red, white, and blue pen lip-smacking with Liberty.

The pen can assist us in addressing knotty problems and stir our imagination to action or in other words finding a solution. The danger is we can put those beautiful words down on paper and think the job is done. We have written our piece, done our part. When you consider the risk, our founding fathers took when they grasped their liberty pens in hand and wrote their names upon documents, which were considered treasonous by England, you can imagine the commitment of these men to stand behind their pens. Their written evidence about the stand they took in life was irrevocable. When we take that stand for forgiveness, or justice, let us stand behind that liberating collection of penned words. Let’s not allow our words- beautiful as they may sound when read aloud- be just that.

Let us write with conviction- yes indeed.
And, allow those words that come to us and mark our papers with undeniable evidence about our stand, lead us to the place where solutions are met.  Apply the balm of forgiveness when it would be easier to stay offended or ignore a situation, or write or speak truth when it is not popular though, it is relevant.


Love is the designer ink we have to use if we will write words which when written bring life and health to the situations surrounding us. I highly recommend love being the very filter our thoughts should be sifted through before those well-placed words find space on the pages.

Remember we are not just chasing a great looking placement of words. We are logging our imagination of the solutions, which hold the power to change lives by…



  1. Great thought of love being the designer ink!

  2. your last line says it all...good stuff!!!!!