Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What If & Prayer

 What If   &   Prayer
A note to Pens of Praise
What if we took 5 minutes each day to pray for one another?

What if we all choose to pray for one another to experience an excellent walk with our Lord?  What if we prayed for His Holy Spirit to guide our writing tasks, time, and abilities and anoint their outcomes? 

What if God was tickled at the results of our prayers and the efforts of our group?

What if lives were affected and changed…because we prayed…

because we wrote…

With His blessings!

I’m praying for you


What if…..

Hi all,

Yes these were not just words which evaporated when my fingers were done smacking the keys. I prayed the following prayer for us all as a group this morning including those who have attended and those who desired to and as of yet have not made it. It took five minutes!!

May we, Pens of Praise Christian Writers, hear Gods truth with the right heart, attitude, and understanding so that we will communicate it clearly and accurately.  May family, friends, co-workers, etc. be respectful and allow us time to write. May interruptions be interrupted so that we will enjoy undivided creative writing sessions.  May the boulders of deception, lies of every degree, discouragement, and oppression be broken and dissolved because we were obedient to the urging in our hearts to write. May God place our written words in reach those bound or in need of encouragement, truth, or information.  May our focus on what He would place on our hearts to write be strong and true.  May all be done in His time with His anointing for His will to be accomplished.  For His Glory!!!!  Amen


  1. Love this prayer!
    Amen and amen xo

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Love this prayer and yes...what if??? Oh the mountains that would move.