Saturday, July 16, 2011

Porschea's Promise

Here are some long awaited photos of our Porschea. She has been growing and growing, as you can well see. And she has been playing in as much water as she can in her baby pool! Attending classes with the older puppies, because of her size, has been the high point of her week. So you can well imagine that her attendance has been wonderful –she has not missed even one class! She wouldn’t think of it. Her performance has caused me to be  ever so proud of her! It is amazing how much such a young dog can learn.

Zoe’s Word
All creation sings His praise!  Zoe is amazed at how the trees, squirrels, birds whom she talks to on a regular basis, and even the air she breathes shows forth the loving kindness of the Lord. Her surroundings comfort her heart as she ponders His mercy and grace.  She is so happy the puppy is nappping! Thank you God for all things! Okay even the puppy!!  Turn your head to see this beautiful photo of our sassy Zoe.


  1. such beautiful animals! they must bring
    you great joy.

  2. What a face! such a cutie!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. Hi Ladies! Thank you for your posts. They are beautiful both cat and dog. Personality plus you can say also! I particularly love the black face on the Leonbergers!!