Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Believe LOVE is the Answer...LOVE Will Find the Way

I Believe LOVE is the Answer

I Believe Love Will Find the Way

By Susan Marlene Kinney

January 12, 2013

Ps. 31:16 Let your face shine on your servant, save me in your unfailing love.

Love stories. We are drawn into novel land, whether we plunge into the romance of the century or are warmed to the tale of men and women who brave wars or other seemingly insurmountable situations. Yes, something larger than the customary and mediocre happenings grabs our attention. But the glue, which holds us captive, is relationships.

I believe the love we seek and crave is bundled with magnanimous hues of strength and grace. We were born to seek out love. We certainly need acceptance and to know that we are significant in this troubled world. I believe LOVE is the answer. I believe LOVE will find the way through troubled valleys or slippery cliffs. I don’t believe the counterfeits of sordid love affairs that the world promotes, has any value. I believe those shallow tales have done the greatest harm and have caused many young women and men to settle for selfishness. The greatest love story is God’s love letter to us. The holy word speaks of the purest love, the kind of love we really need. It begins with the Trinity creating the earth, our setting, and Adam and Eve, the human race. It ends with the Son of God, our savior, whisking us away, rescuing us from unimaginable terrors and suffering to bring us to our forever happy ending.

Passionate, perfect love for us shows forth every day, through glistening sunshine or blacked clouds zigzagged with lightning bolts. His love pierces our darkest days, bringing our significance to light. Let your face shine on your servant…and so it does. How precious it is that we are more than servants, we are daughters and sons of the King of Kings! He woos our hearts, all we have to do is respond to His call.  Then we will have the sweet victory and witness that LOVE will find a way.

We long for courageous, unselfish heroes, individuals willing to enter the fray on our behalf and risk it all, because they are strong, valiant, and able to win our hearts. We long for the lasting, uncommon exciting love story. Whether we write romance or contemporary, no matter the genre, we desire to find answers, to find and be inspired by perfect love. My advice is that we spend time with the Lover of Our Souls for He is our Anchor, our Bright Morning Star. He is our Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace our Bridegroom. He will inspire and thrill our hearts as we draw near to Him, seek Him out like precious silver and gold. The story of His creation of the earth (HEBREWS CHAPTER 1), sacrifice on the cross, and the great day when He rescues us, bringing us to our heavenly, eternal home is fantastic. But the relationship… that is the glue and what makes our hearts race to find LOVE.

Love is the answer. Love will find the way….   




  1. Hello Susan,

    I don't just agree with what you said. I KNOW it is absolutly 100% true. The world has taken the word "Love" and warped it. But the fact is: God is the author of love.

    Imagine what the world would be like if Christians actually LOVED with God's love...myself included, of course.

    I hope you are doing well. God Bless You...

  2. Hi Chris!! I posted on your post the day that you wrote that beautiful word ...Beautiful!

    Greetings Shay!! Good to see you here!!! I imagine the world would be like...heaven!! We shall see it one day for sure because He is faithful!! Blessings to you!! :)

  3. AMEN to your words! This is a beautiful post and so very true. Sending a hug to you from Georgia, Patti Jo

  4. Such a beautiful post Susan. I enjoyed reading this.

  5. Greetings CatMom & Bernadine!! It's amazing how I can be so busy and yet He can still lead our posts for Pens of Praise. I chose the word 'Believe' and I could see at the meeting how that was the right word, unbeknownst to me! One of our Pens of Praisers shared something recently realized...a healing from a hurt and Believe was the perfect word for that day after years of struggle. It is amazing what God can do!! Hugs back to you CatMom and Bernadine I'll be visiting your blog soon!! :)