Thursday, January 31, 2013

Memoir Summary With Kathleen Marsh

I didn't take a photo when Kathleen Marsh presented her wonderful teaching on memoir writing June 2009. A wonderful group of writers gathered at the Lighthouse Christian Writer's Group meeting anticipating the wonderful memories they could write. She inspred each one of us and gave healthy guidelines such as: never write a negitive report about those you write about in your memoir. Doing so would only hurt the person, possibly others, and could bring a separation with your family and or friends. Write those memories to encourage, build, and edify! As I looked over the notes I thought iw would be a true motivator if I looked over some photos to trigger some ideas....

Alex's birthday party...a few years ago. So many friends
hanging out and enjoying a good time. Do you think they hate
 Becky McLafferty and me at a writer's conference!
Sorry, I don't know how to turn the phot! You can see what an
aweful time we had there! 
 Same birthday party for Alex! Family loving time together.
So much laughter, our daughter Jackie taking care of
business. She organizes  family parties and get-togethers so well!
Pat my sister and MeKenzie (sp) Ha ha!! My sister's grandaughter is
all grown up now-- practically...this is also an old photo!
Pat and I've shared so many perfectly precious moments!

Kathleen Marsh has a wonderful, whimsical way of inspiring others to dip the tip of their pens in the intriguing ink of positively  personal storytelling. If ever a person wanted to leave a legacy, which would be viewed with eager respect and wide-eyed expectation, they'd doubly want to delve into the experience of memoir writing. Kathleen left me hungering for those special blocks of time where one can write and write and write some more to one’s heart’s desire. There are so many positive, uplifting true stories that I would love to share with my great-grandchildren. This would be as exciting for me as touching fingertips with them over the forbidden time line. Don’t worry, I’m aware that only the written word can cross such barriers. Take a stroll down the quiet, scented gardens of your mind. Dig deep into the riches of your vast experience and keen observations and prepare to share your delightful and thrilling memories with those who are not yet born. Dare to reveal that splash of surprise and curious moments, which would be lost forever had you not shared….

 Check out those muscles boys!! Strutt your stuff! Didn't they all
collapse when they got done showing off..Oh I'm not
supposed to tell that part -- right!!
 My brother, just as I think of him. He has that quirkey humor..
What is on his mind anyway? This was taken a few
years ago also!
 My two grandsons and some of Pat's grandchildren also.
We had so much fun with them that day!
Goodness another photo of Alex's party....looks like writing
material..where is my pen??????
Here is the challenge, pick a memory,one that stirrs your hear and start writing!


  1. I like the challenge to pick a memory and start writing. We can weave a whole story from one memorable event!

  2. Hi Lavender Dreamer! When Kathleen Marsh taught that night we all took time to write a little something. Some wrote something serious and others funny memories! It is worth the time!

  3. Looking at family pictures always conjures up lots of stories for me.

  4. I always love visiting you here. Those pictures brought stories to my mind--it's good we can write fiction. ha!

  5. Pamela!! Your comment made me laugh! You bet we could certainly dress up some stories!! Ha ha!

  6. Enjoyed wandering through your blog. Everett from Knoxville, TN