Monday, January 28, 2013

Theodore the Invading Inspiration

My husband and I have recently attempted to lose weight, diet so-to-speak. Well, he has been sneaking extra chips and MY cereal into his man cave for snacking.  The whole reward for losing weight was to be a new kitchen. You see the current kitchen is awkward, small, and offers very little counter space. It’s vital to have adequate counter space when the lady of the house likes, needs, and always seems to ‘stack’ important papers and catalogues in the kitchen. Of course, I informed him that since he is cheating and eating more than the allowable amount, I alone would have to lose weight to win the kitchen!

I needed something out of the basement freezer, so I went down stairs. Hold on reader, this is related I promise! A sound caught my attention. That creepy scratching and digging that you instinctively know is food being pushed around inside a box. It must be my cereal that was being invaded. (By the husband the previous night and something else this morning. Sometimes it’s awful to be right. There in the bottom of my fiber cereal is the cutest mouse. Well, to my surprise the mouse had never knocked over the box. It had merely climbed up, crowned the top of the lid, and fell straight in.

I pinched the box shut, forgetting the freezer, and made my way upstairs. Truly my husband would know what to do. I should give ‘it’ a name. I don’t care to call it– ‘it’ throughout this entire true story. Theodore, how is that for a name of a smart mouse? Dear reader, please forget any chipmunks you know by that name. Focus on this story.

I told my husband he had to kill the mouse. He of course refused and told me that was my job. We finally decided to flush the mouse. It seemed the quickest, most humane way to kill a rodent. (Previously I set traps that only provided a feast for Theodore and his friends. They were so talented and skilled at robbing a mousetrap that, well, they have never sprung one of my traps.)

My flushing attempt not only cost me a lot of stress and anxiety, it also didn’t work. Theodore held on to the bottom of the bowl as the water swirled down the hole. My husband had mercy and took over. Flushing finally worked for him--how—I don’t know and don’t care. I was almost hyperventilating by this time and had to leave the room. My husband teased me and asked if I would be afraid that the mouse would climb out of the toilet. What a ridiculous thought of course.

A week after this event the cat still seemed too interested in the small space behind the wood cabinet in the bathroom. She would sit and wait and watch the unseen hidden area. I couldn’t stand it anymore and moved the small cabinet and found…Theodore euwwwww!!  Zoey chased the him. This looked disgusting but promising. I shut the bathroom door while my hubby slept away unaware. Theodore ran back and forth. I jumped up and down and yelled softly making myself cheer Zoey on. Maybe with a little encouragement… Unfortunately, our cat is useless in the art and capture of mice. First hand I witnesses boredom settle into Zoey’s expression then she turned her head to find something more interesting. She ignored a perfectly terrified mouse and allowed Theodore to get away. Theodore climbed up the shower curtain and perched on top of the rod. This capture depended totally on me now. How terribly disappointing. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an old container. Eventually this very fast, energetic mouse found itself trapped inside walls of plastic.

When I placed the clear container on the bathroom counter the cat walked right past, never realizing the furry invaders presence. I escorted our unwelcome intruder to the kitchen and our perfect puppy, Porschea, knew we had company. This leaping Leo has one talented nose. She sniffed all around not suspecting the presence inside the container. Later on my way to work, I asked for assistance from a young lady I give a ride to in the morning. She bravely held  Theodore’s container. We drove to Lake Michigan’s shoreline and dropped Theodore off to his new forever home. This time he ran in circles of joy, even running back to me before he turned and ran in the opposite direction. I only knew Theodore for a few minutes, stressful ones for both of us for sure, but when I visit this spot on the lakeshore in the future, I will always watch my step. He could be running around carefree and I wouldn’t want to give him a scare. His zest for life and fullness of joy at this fresh opportunity for a new start was rather inspiring.

Thank you Theodore, wherever you are. You’ve made a new home; hopefully, not among any of the houses which line the other side of the highway.  Reader imagine Theodore’s view of the lake, stunning skies, and beautiful flowers when springtime arrives. Oh that we would open our eyes with his joy and expectation. We have so much to look forward to! Okay everyone, get ready and run….



  1. Such a funny story and certainly something which I could see happening in my house. Except that of my four cats, one is an excellant mouser, so I think she would have taken care of Theodore for me.
    This episode reminds me of the time we had a bat in the house - at first all I wanted was for the thing to be dead, and then I was filled with sympathy for it and just wanted it to go be free. Hmm? Sounds like a blog post for the Dino Chronicles to me.

  2. Ha ha!! Oh Chris, I love your blog posts!! When I stop in I have to scroll down several posts before I leave!! Oh Becky is talking about her Courntry Memories Writer's Conferene. She figgeering out all details! :)